LMS Administrative Services

A good LMS requires a ton of effort and constant attention to ensure that it’s running efficiently. You’ll need an LMS administrator to manage the daily tasks, manage the team, provide support and ensure its running correctly. This is a full time position and you’ll need someone who has technical skills to maintain the LMS and that is well-versed with instructional design skills. If they have strong communication, interpersonal, organizational and collaborative skills that will be a plus.  

The truth is an LMS administrator wears many hats. They face many issues building, creating and maintaining the system. 


Hiring an LMS administrator from within your company isn’t always possible. They’ll need to have the LMS experience to manage the system. Your best bet would be outsourcing administration to an experienced company. 

An experienced Learning Management System administrator will be in charge of providing daily support, creating and building courses and certifications and maintaining the portal, making updates and more. Plus their experience will help to align your business needs with effective training strategies that will improve learning.

Hiring an experienced LMS admin will help to improve the efficiency of your L&D to the next level and improve your overall organization.

What is LMS Administration?

A Learning Management System administrator is responsible for managing the system. They are responsible for the team as well as providing daily support while keeping everything running smoothly. They will create a learning course, define user roles and handle just about everything from building, creating and maintaining the LMS. 

Features of LMS Administration

Creating an easy to use platform with content that your trainees can understand and easily digest is essential to your LMS. An LMS is only as good as the training content, and delivery of the content. This is why it’s crucial to incorporate the following features into your system:  

An easy to use user interface –  a trainee needs to easily navigate through the LMS dashboard to find what they need, quickly and easily. 

Social learning tools incorporation  by engaging your learners, you create a community of growth by inspiring them to continue to learn no matter what time of the day it is.

A reporting system – back-end reporting will tell the administrator how much time the trainee is spending on specific tasks, and other important information. You’ll know what mistakes the class made on the test to know how to improve material. 

Automation – Creating quality content is where your time is better spent. Automating managing tasks frees up your time.  Notifications regarding pending subscriptions, inactive users, and lists of people who have been long gone is essential to effective maintenance.

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What does an LMS Administrator do?

An advanced LMS manager wears many hats. They are responsible for the entire team which includes an administrator and team lead, a Technical Consultant, a Learning Analyst, and a Reports Specialist. However every organization is unique, and depending on the size of your organization an experienced LMS administrator can handle it on their own.

Some of the tasks and functions will include general administration duties such as system maintenance, security, managing logins, system navigation and more. Analyzing and creating reports, report creation, managing internal and external learning delivery methods, improving gamification settings, course design and creating a personalized learning path are additional functions that they are responsible for handling.

The technical aspect of evaluating, testing and managing the LMS includes system configuration changes, system setup, database maintenance, and third-party integrations if needed. 

What Can be Outsourced in LMS Administration?

An LMS is a large investment but if done correctly can help improve the organization immensely from improving employee performance, ensuring compliance requirements are met and helping employees develop new skills or improve current skills. 

By outsourcing the development and maintenance of your LMS you ensure that there are no features left out and your organization is getting the most out of your investment.

Outsourced Administrative Services

Some of these outsourced administrative services include:

  • Course Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics
  • Budgeting
  • LMS kpis – Tracking and Reporting
  • Help Desk Services

Outsourced Administrative Support

Outsourced administrative support helps to resolve complex issues quickly, allowing employees to continue learning with minimal downtime. But more importantly it gets resolved without interrupting your organization’s workflow because the support team is outsourced. 

There are many reasons why organizations choose to outsource different training functions, and support. The most obvious include cost-effectiveness and improved efficiency. But these aren’t the only reasons. 

Here are some indications that you may want to outsource administrative work:  

You have a small team 

If your business is only able to support a single administrator to manage the LMS you’ll want to hire a knowledgeable team to manage your LMS. Having a complete team to handle the day to day tasks, or address any issues that come up is valuable. When you have an experienced team to manage your system you’re getting more from your money.

Your in-house administrative has too much responsibility

An in-house administrator that has multiple duties that doesn’t have anything to do with the LMS management, outsourcing would be beneficial. Your LMS should be one of the highest priorities to make the biggest impact when it comes to training your organization.


NetExam LMS Administrative Services

Our team at NetExam is ready to streamline your LMS and free up your internal employees’ time so that they can focus on your business core goals. By hiring a managed service provider it will not only free up time, but it will bring experience to the creation and management. 

Whether you’re looking to outsource administrative work, or utilize the support services, NetExam uses the LMS administrator best practices for your organization. 

Some of the benefits of admin outsourcing include: 

Availability – with a dedicated administrator and support resources you’ll have someone available 24/7. This alleviates frustration with staff, by addressing issues immediately. 

Expertise – you’ll get a proven learning management strategy and development that delivers a learning experience that will improve your organization. The features of administration is to create an easy to absorb, and easy to navigate system that helps improve your organization.

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