Informal Learning | Channel Partner Training

Knowledge transfer doesn’t just happen in the courseware you develop for your Partners — informal learning plays a big role as well. It happens during meetings, at conferences, during sales calls, and even ride-alongs. NetExam allows you to capture those events and give training credits to your students for them. The great thing here is it doesn’t require you to create new content. You’re just giving people credit for the existing information you are transferring to them.

Informal Learning Feature List

  • Track these types of learning events and give credit to attendees. 
  • Works with:
    • Role Play 
    • Mentor Meetings
    • Conference Check-Ins
    • Booth Visits
    • Ride-Alongs
    • Team Meetings
    • Onsite Customer Visits
    • Customer Calls
    • Customer Feedback
  • Platforms – iOS, Android
  • Devices – Smartphones, tablets
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