What is Hands-on Skill Evaluation in Training?

Hands-on Skill Evaluation in training is testing an individual based on how they perform an assigned hands-on activity. The testing is usually conducted by a subject expert and grading is based on a standardized rubric.

Why is Hands-on Skill Evaluation important in training Channel Partners, Resellers, Certified Agents, etc

Channel Partners, Resellers, and Agents are often required to provide value-added services to customers and prospects. These value-added services may consist of hands-on activities such as configuring equipment or repairing/updating existing systems etc. As a manufacturer or a service provider, you will want to ensure the people who represent you are competent and tested to perform these hands-on activities. Hands-on Skill Testing should be an integral part of your training and certification program for your extended enterprise.


NetExam Support for Hands-On Skill Testing

NetExam has built-in support for Hands-On Skill Testing. NetExam’s Android tablet and Apple iPad-based Hands-On Skill Testing app streamlines the hands-on evaluation workflow. Some of its features are listed below.

  • Create Hands-on Skill Evaluation Sessions for learners to self-enroll or auto-enroll based on their profile.
  • Configurable workflow to assign coaches, managers, and SMEs as evaluators.
  • Video record learners performing the hands-on task using the mobile app.
  • Evaluate and grade learners based on a standardized rubric. Rubric items support numeric scores, Pass/Fail/Critical Fail grades as well feedback. 
  • Evaluators can refer to a point in the video timeline and provide feedback to the learner.
  • Video Coaching – Examiners can provide personalized video coaching and feedback back to the learners as a part of the grading process. 
  • NetExam saves a copy of the video as well as the grades with the learner’s permanent record that can be used for later review or as proof-of-training provided. 

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