Social Learning Channel Partner Training

Modern training programs have the ability to not only deliver training to their students but to also learn from their students to improve content options. By adopting the NetExam Social Learning system, you can turn those students into subject matter experts. As a result, you now have the ability to access the entire internet as a resource library using your partners as curators.

NetExam can help you capture the magic that happens when people from similar industries share similar interests. Our features let learners connect through their social channels, award points and badges for social learning, see leaderboards that show who has the most points and badges, and get a curated and personalized topic feed. See more features of NetExam’s Social Learning Channel Partner Training below.

Social Learning Feature List

  • Topic Creation for Learner Subscriptions 

  • Ability for Learners to Search for and Join Topics of Interest 

  • Knowledge Specification Levels for Each Topic

  • Curated and Personalized Topic Feed

    • Learners receive a topic feed curated and personalized by using a Bayesian Inference-based AI algorithm
    • Learners can like/dislike, rate, and comment on each item in feed
    • AI algorithms learn about the user with each interaction and utilize it to refine each user’s personalized feed
    • Topic feed can be sourced from Knowledge Bases, RSS, and APIs or by SME and content creators
    • Optionally, allow learners to post items to feed with or without approval workflow
  • Social Channels Connection

    • Learners can connect their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, and cross-post with these social networks and NetExam
    • Combine social learning with formal training by making it community-based
  • Share Topics or Personally Curated Lists

    • Learners have the ability to share a topic or personally curated list with others, even if they don’t have NetExam access  
  • Peers and SME Lists for Learners

    • Peers are identified by an AI algorithm based on common interests, likes/dislikes, and similar profile attributes
  • Follow Feature

    • Learners have the ability to follow peers they choose and receive their posts
    • Limited to topics of mutual interest, unlike social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., so learners avoid receiving updates on topics to which they are not subscribed
  • Participation Points Awarded

    • Award points to learners for participating in social learning
  • Point Milestones Badges

    • Award badges to learners when point milestones are reached
  • Leaderboards 

    • Leaderboards show the learners with the most points and badges
  • Activity Report Access 

    • For Learners
      • Learners can access reports on their own activities within social learning
    • For Administrators and Designated Managers
      • Administrators and designated managers can access activity reports by learner, topic, or group
  • “Anonymous Mode” Support
    • NetExam supports an “Anonymous Mode” to be compliant with EU privacy laws