Keeping your employees up with your organization’s changes can be difficult when things are moving so fast. This is why more and more organizations are taking advantage of social learning tools. 

Social learning allows you to deliver an e-learning experience and a collaborative learning experience increases performance and effectiveness. And your customers, partners, and employees are learning in an exciting way.  

Let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s all about delivering effective and engaging learning experiences that will capture their attention and improve the success of their learning, and that is exactly what a mobile social learning system will do for your organization. 

These social learning concepts and technologies allow collaboration and content sharing across different social channels and a personalized feed.

At NetExam, we understand that people learn better by observing other people’s behaviors and social skills.

Social Learning Feature List

  • Topic Creation for Learner Subscriptions 

  • Ability for Learners to Search for and Join Topics of Interest 

  • Knowledge Specification Levels for Each Topic

  • Curated and Personalized Topic Feed

    • Learners receive a topic feed curated and personalized by using a Bayesian Inference-based AI algorithm
    • Learners can like/dislike, rate, and comment on each item in feed
    • AI algorithms learn about the user with each interaction and utilize it to refine each user’s personalized feed
    • Topic feed can be sourced from Knowledge Bases, RSS, and APIs or by SME and content creators
    • Optionally, allow learners to post items to feed with or without approval workflow
  • Social Channels Connection

    • Learners can connect their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, and cross-post with these social networks and NetExam
    • Combine social learning with formal training by making it community-based
  • Share Topics or Personally Curated Lists

    • Learners have the ability to share a topic or personally curated list with others, even if they don’t have NetExam access  
  • Peers and SME Lists for Learners

    • Peers are identified by an AI algorithm based on common interests, likes/dislikes, and similar profile attributes
  • Follow Feature

    • Learners have the ability to follow peers they choose and receive their posts
    • Limited to topics of mutual interest, unlike social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., so learners avoid receiving updates on topics to which they are not subscribed
  • Participation Points Awarded

    • Award points to learners for participating in social learning
  • Point Milestones Badges

    • Award badges to learners when point milestones are reached
  • Leaderboards 

    • Leaderboards show the learners with the most points and badges
  • Activity Report Access 

    • For Learners
      • Learners can access reports on their own activities within social learning
    • For Administrators and Designated Managers
      • Administrators and designated managers can access activity reports by learner, topic, or group
  • “Anonymous Mode” Support
    • NetExam supports an “Anonymous Mode” to be compliant with EU privacy laws

    What is Social Learning?

    Among all of the online learning strategies available to you, social learning is one of the best options available. It helps to increase motivation, improve productivity, aid in real-time problem solving and provide the required information in an easy to retain format for the success of your organization. 

    Let’s face it, most people do as they see. After all when it comes to social media, everything about our lives is about watching, listening, and repeating. When you harness this, you can motivate and improve work ethically through observational learning techniques. This is the process of learning from each other through a social-ecological system. Social aspects are part of our everyday lives, why not begin harnessing this into your organization so that they can easily retain the knowledge. 

    This informal learning technique differs greatly from instructor led training. And while there are many advantages of classroom training, social learning focuses on naturally learning through job experiences and interactions with their peers.


    Social Media Connection

    A social media connection allows for collaboration between employees for quicker problem solving within the self-directed organization learning and allows everyone to get answers quicker. 

    Benefits of Social Learning

    One of the most significant advantages of social learning is how natural knowledge is for everyone participating. This type of unconscious learning happens automatically, and begins to improve performance, aids in healthy competitions, and enhances teamwork.

    But this is not the only reason. Here are other benefits of social learning, 

    Improved skills
    When you begin sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences and discussing the best practices, you’ll strengthen the productivity and skills of your employees.

    Higher Learning Retention
    Classroom training is much harder to retain information. It’s a proven fact that most of what we retain comes from informal training. We retain information from someone from a person that we speak to naturally through their experiences and storytelling. 

    Keep Employees Informed
    With frequent changes, ideas can easily be exchanged with colleagues. This will improve their perspective on many things, prevent mistakes and increase efficiency to meet deadlines.

    When employees are able to easily reach out to seek advice to get the necessary help or simply to collaborate, not only do they learn more, but it also improves the success of the tasks at hand for everyone involved. 

    Inclusion of Passive Employees
    Many employees on your team right now are too afraid to ask questions. Through learning groups and sharing content, it makes introverts more comfortable to join in on the discussions and become more active.


    Why Social Learning is Important

      Social learning aids in effective communication within your organization, whether it’s keeping everyone informed or teaching a new skill. It’s simple because it works. Keeping everyone on the same page at the same time improves the workplace, encourages idea sharing, and keeps the employees connected. This leads to creating stronger bonds among each other, which keeps employees at the company longer. 

      NetExam Social Learning Channel Partner Training

      At NetExam, we help companies just like yours improve performance by helping your customers, partners, and employees learn from one another. Our social learning LMS is designed to meet your organization’s specific needs through various features, whether it’s leaderboards, live chats, or groups. Regardless of the method of sharing content, the content shared has a purpose for learning, solving problems through exchanging ideas, and observing to build a successful team.

      Suppose your organization is looking to leverage eLearning training to get your channel partners up to speed faster and keep them in the loop. In that case, our social learning platform will meet and exceed your expectations. We can link all social media accounts to improve the way that your company learns through networking, sharing, and collaboration to solve problems within your company.

      Whether you’re looking for channel partner training or employee training, we have the best solutions to suit your specific needs. Request a demo today to get started.