Gamification is one of the best ways to help your partners and your business grow. Since childhood, we’ve been rewarded for doing well. We get trophies for winning, and certificates with our names on it. Each of these rewards kept us motivated and gamification is designed to do the same thing.

You can easily insert gamification into your existing training to improve your training. There’s no denying that gamification in training and development drastically improves engagement, retention, and participation.

By simply adding gamification components to your LMS such as quizzes, competitions or rewards you’ll find that participation increases.


How Does Gamification Work?

Incorporating gamification mechanics into your learning management system or business intranet is simple.  And the goal is to engage with partners and partners to inspire, collaborate, share and interact. You can do this by ditching those boring lessons and replacing them with interactive lesson plans and a reward system.

You won’t have to start from scratch. You can use existing gaming elements into your existing training material. 

At /, we know how to transform complex training into easily digested material.

Types of Gamification

There are many reasons to incorporate gamification in the workplace. Here are the different ways that you can use a gamification platform or incorporate gamification into your existing LMS platform,

Onboarding new partners

Onboarding new partners can be challenging and often boring with documents, boring videos and training sessions that put you to sleep. By simply adding gamification in training you’ll bring life to onboarding, improve training and give them excitement for their new job.

Improve training results

Learning should be fun. By transforming your boring videos and implementing interactive methods that are based on real-life work scenarios you not only grab the trainees attention, but you also dramatically improve the information they retain. 

Transforms boring training into fun

Safety, compliance, and legal procedures are something that partners must learn. This dreaded routine training is often unengaging, dry and most of the information is forgotten. By using gamification you’ll create an engaging experience that improves retention and improves the safety of your partners.

Benefits of a Gamified Training Platform

LMS gamification has many benefits other than the obvious of being more fun, and easier to digest the material. 

Competition & Motivation
Gamification creates a competition that increases motivation. Most people are motivated by competition and gamification training provides opportunities for competing with others rewards, getting the highest scores, rewards and leaderboard rankings.

More cooperation
When using gamified LMS your learners have the potential to work towards group goals. This type of cooperation with a team improves the work environment by encouraging teamwork. You’ll see an improvement when it comes to sharing ideas, debates, critical thinking and strategic thought processes.


How Gamification Helps in Learning Techniques

When game elements are used as an educational tool it improves the learning environment and improves not only how they learn but how much they understand the learning material. The goal of gamified learning platforms is to maximize enjoyment and engagement; this is achieved by capturing their interest and inspiring them to continue with the lessons without getting bored.

What is Gamification in Training?

A gamification elearning platform will still contain all of the necessary information that the trainee needs to learn. But one of the key benefits of gamification is for it to be interactive so that it’s exciting. This is achieved through various gaming elements to incorporate role-play and competition.  

Gamification is more than just games. Let’s take a look at gamification vs game based learning so that you better understand,

Game-based learning teaches a specific skill or has a specific learning outcome. Whereas, gamification is the mechanics of the application. Essentially it’s the non-game context because it’s the application. The game-design elements and principles that aid in promoting specific behaviors that improve the learning outcomes.

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What is Gamification in LMS?

Gamification within LMS drastically improves how the trainees will learn. The best gamification LMS will incorporate gaming elements, such as leaderboards, rewards and badges. The reason it’s so effective is due to the design of the game in the backend.

Gamification mechanics take non-game environments such as a learning management system and create engagement, inspire collaboration and motivate your trainees. 

Compliance training gamification transforms this boring but necessary information into something appealing. Therefore reducing the risk of them missing information. 

Here are some elements you can include into your training,

  • Award points for activities such as completing courses, classes, taking surveys, etc.
  • Awar learners with badges when they receive milestones with points, i.e., award a “Guru” badge when someone reaches 100,000 points
  • Leaderboards show leading learners with most points and or badges.
  • Integrate learning points with other point systems you may already have. NetExam is integrated with point systems from vendors like BI Worldwide and
  • Award learners with gifts when they achieve badges
    • NetExam is integrated with Gyft, a network consisting of 300 retailers, who can automatically send electronic gifts to learners., i.e., sending a $10 Amazon gift card to a learner who just got a badge
  • Share badges in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Let learners use NetExams’s Public Portfolio to display all the badges they have achieved. This view is publicly available and can be added to LinkedIn profiles or resumes This creates publicity and visibility for your badges and training programs.
  • Create contests such as, the first five learners to complete a learning activity or the first three learners to get a perfect score on an exam and award them with badges or gifts.

Gamification Examples

These following examples will give you some great gamification ideas that you might want to consider incorporating into your LMS:

  • Timed quizzes. This promotes competition and can put partners against each other. 
  • A gamified quiz with badges. 
  • Film and audio for interaction.

Duolingo is one of the best examples of gamification. This educational game helps you to learn a new language. It’s interactive, rewarding and effective. They understand the triggers to keep the users focused on getting points, badges and status. And because of this they are effectively teaching people to speak a new language. 

Gamification Mechanics

The game mechanics include the rules and rewards within the platform, such as the points, levels, badges and progress. But what makes this effective is the idea behind how to get the participants to engage with the program. Not all gamification programs are the same. The best ones will teach, inspire and motivate.

NetExam has been helping organizations just like yours improve the environment within their company through gamification. Whether you are looking for a better way for onboarding, or to keep them engaged with boring compliance information. Our experts can create exactly what your business needs to meet and exceed your goals.

We specialized in delivering high-impact training that accelerates business growth. This is achieved through tailored experiences for your learners, integrated tools, and tracking partners training, 

Creating content in the form of quizzes, exams, learner-assessments, discussion forums and certifications is just one part of designing courses and training that your learners prefer. 

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