Whether you’re already running a thriving certification program or embarking on the journey of establishing one, NetExam is your trusted partner in achieving accreditation excellence. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies worldwide, NetExam has consistently proven itself as the go-to Learning Management System for implementing robust and impactful certification programs.

With NetExam, you can seamlessly roll out global certification initiatives for diverse populations, including partners, customers, members, agents, and beyond. Our platform has empowered countless organizations to successfully design, deploy, and manage comprehensive certification programs that set industry standards.

Unlock the full potential of your certification process with NetExam’s unparalleled capabilities. From complex certification workflows to streamlined renewal procedures, our system accommodates even the most intricate and demanding requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for administrators and learners alike.


NetExam’s certification support is the ultimate solution for offering high-stakes certification programs that truly make an impact. With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features, our platform empowers you to design, manage, and deliver custom certifications that set the standard in your industry. Get ready to revolutionize your accreditation initiatives and provide your learners with an exceptional certification experience.

NetExam provides the foundation for global accreditation success. Here’s why our certification support stands out:

Proctored Exams for High-Stakes Certifications

Ensure the integrity and credibility of your certifications with proctored exams. NetExam enables you to offer secure, monitored exams that validate the knowledge and skills of your certified professionals, guaranteeing the highest standards of proficiency.

Customizable Certifications for Tailored Learning Journeys

Craft certifications that encompass a diverse range of activities. Mix and match e-learning courses, exams, instructor-led courses, webinars, hands-on skill tests, and external activities to create a comprehensive learning experience. Set activities as required, elective, or optional to provide flexibility and meet the unique needs of each learner.

Targeted Certification Publishing

 Reach your desired audience with ease. NetExam allows you to publish certifications to specific audiences using profile attribute fields. Segment and target learners based on their attributes, ensuring that certifications are accessible to the right individuals at the right time.


Flexible Payment Options

 Monetize your certifications effortlessly. NetExam supports both free and paid certifications, allowing learners to pay using credit cards, purchase orders, or training credits. Expand your revenue streams and provide a seamless payment experience for your certified professionals.


Intelligent Auto-Enrollment

Streamline the certification process with automated enrollment. NetExam’s advanced algorithms auto-enroll learners in certifications based on their profile attributes, ensuring a personalized and efficient journey towards certification completion.


Certification Completion Goals and Deadlines

Set clear goals and deadlines for certification completion. Define due dates for learners, driving their motivation and accountability. Additionally, establish group-level certification completion goals, such as requiring a certain number of certified individuals within a partner company to be promoted to the next tier, fostering growth and partnership success.


Proactive Certification Expiration Management

Stay one step ahead with NetExam’s look-ahead reports that display certification expirations. Create certification expiration workflows and set up reminder emails to be sent to learners and their managers, ensuring that certifications remain up to date and in compliance with industry standards.


Recertification and Lapsed Certification Workflows

Maintain the relevance and currency of your certifications. NetExam enables you to create recertification and lapsed certification workflows with varying requirements, ensuring that certified professionals stay current and engaged in their field of expertise.


Certification Versions and CRM/PRM Integration

Stay agile and adaptable with the ability to create new versions of certifications. NetExam seamlessly integrates with CRM/PRM systems such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle Fusion, automatically sending certification completion and expiration data. Trigger workflows and track certification progress effortlessly.


Partner Tier Management

Empower your partner ecosystem with certification-driven promotions and benefits. NetExam allows partner companies to advance to the next partner tier when individuals within the organization complete certifications, unlocking exclusive advantages such as MDF funds and leads. Similarly, timely certification renewal ensures sustained partner success and growth.

Personalized Certificates and Badges

Celebrate certification achievements in style. NetExam enables you to award learners with personalized PDF certificates adorned with your company’s logos and authorized signatures. These certificates contain unique tracking numbers, validating the authenticity of their accomplishment. Additionally, award learners with badges that can be shared on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or proudly displayed on their public portfolio view.

Experience the Next Level of Certification Excellence with NetExam: Join the ranks of industry leaders and transform your accreditation programs into catalysts for success. Embrace NetExam’s feature-rich platform today and elevate your certifications to new heights!

Are you looking to get a certificate in channel management or certifications in sales? But not sure how to earn a certification or if it’s even worth getting one?

Or do you want to learn how to provide certifications for your channel partners and sales teams?

Regardless if you’re looking to get a certification or provide training certification it’s essential that the training is efficient. Obtaining any type of certification takes time, and the benefits can certainly outweigh the short amount of time it takes to prepare for the exam.

But there are many great reasons why you should get certified. Obtaining knowledge and new skills provides you with a deeper understanding which ultimately aids in the success with your partners, in business, and your career.

What is a Certification?

There are a variety of different types of certifications – corporate (internal), product-specific, and profession-wide. To become certified you’ll need to pass an exam. Once you pass the exam you become certified on that specific topic whether it’s a specific product, service, or profession. 

When you become certified it’s an indication that you have proven you are knowledgeable and it sets you apart from others. You’ll have credibility, which increases your marketability, earning power, improves your reputation and earns you respect among your peers. These are only some of the many benefits of obtaining a certification. 

So what does it mean to be certified?

When you earn a certification in any field not only does it equip you with knowledge of industry standards, and continued learning, it boosts your credibility with your current clients and increases your business with new partners and business opportunities.

Why Should I Get a Certification?

There are a variety of reasons why earning a certification would be beneficial to your career. One of the most obvious reasons is that it will give you an edge over the competition – whether you’re looking to start a fresh new career, advance in your current career or grow your business.  What you learn while getting your certification training gives you job training, helps you land the position and provides you with credibility within the field. And it will most certainly help you find the success you desire. 

However, depending on the type of work you’re going after obtaining a certification may be necessary to get into the field or to boost your career. 

How to Earn a Certification

To earn a certification you’ll need to pass a test. You’ll need to prepare for the test whether it’s training or studying. Depending on the type of certification you want there may be specific requirements that you’ll need to meet, such as having a degree.

There are plenty of online certification training and learning options that will help you prepare for your certification exam. You can often choose the type of preparation that will work best for you – traditional study guides and books, online training, online exam prep and video training. Or if you prefer, many local community colleges offer instructor-led certification training programs for some certifications.

NetExam has been building successful training programs for organizations just like yours – by preparing your partners with impactful training that ultimately brings success to your company.


What is Channel Partner Training Program?

A channel training program will equip your sales partners with the necessary skills needed to sell services or products on behalf of a software, hardware, networking or cloud services vendor. You want to train them effectively so that they can properly represent your brand. This is an essential aspect of onboarding any new channel partner.

Benefits of Channel Partner Certificate

By effectively training your channel partners and providing a certification program you can essentially increase sales and profits. This is because the more they know within the field the more they are trusted and qualified to sell. It proves that you’ve taken the time to learn about the products and services and that you are qualified within the field. Not only is this beneficial to your partners, but also to your bottom line, because it helps you to sell more.  

Another major benefit is that you train them on how to properly represent your brand. Without the correct training, your business is at risk of brand damage. This can be detrimental to your business.

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Certificate in Channel Management

A certificate in Channel management helps you to master the necessary core concepts, framework and tools that you need to be successful. The marketing and sales strategies and techniques you learn will help you to better support your partners which will ultimately increase your revenue. 

It doesn’t matter if you work with a vendor or a reseller company having a channel management certification will allow you to build a stronger program for co-marketing campaigns and grow your business.

What is Sales Training Certification

A sales certification confirms that you are skilled in customer interaction, have knowledge of the sales cycle, understand negotiations, and understand market research and advertising. You’ll also learn the importance of tracking daily activities, keeping accurate records, and analyzing closing ratios. 

If you want to progress in your sales career, obtaining new skills will help you to do just that. Obtaining new leadership and time-management skills will most often help fast-track you into a sales leadership role.


Get Your Certification with NetExam

Running a channel partner program is one of the best ways to grow your business and increase your revenue. When you provide certification for your channel partners and sales partners it improves how they market your business, and ultimately your success.

Channel partners must understand how you want them to represent your brand, and need effective product training and guidance. How they represent your brand affects your revenue. 

At NetExam we provide channel partner training and offer the best certifications for your business sales and channel management programs. We understand what it takes to get them up to speed and pass the exams. We’ve designed our training certification program with your business success in mind.

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