If you’re like many other organizations, training your partners can be a tedious, costly and stressful process. You can spend weeks training someone only to have them leave for a new job shortly after. 

There’s a better way to train your partners through a user friendly, web-based environment that can be customized to your specific business needs. Online learning platforms are perfect for an extensive range of material that can be delivered through interactive tools, videos, games, and more. Plus, have easy access to communicate with the team through instant messaging to collaborate and retain the information better. 



At NetExam, we can help you create and maintain your organization’s online learning platform, giving your partners the ability to learn faster and better. Whether it’s an advanced or simple online learning platform, we show you how to create an online learning platform that utilizes the most effective online learning strategies. Therefore saving you time money and eliminate frustration.

It’s been proven that informal learning through an online learning system improves retention. We learn better when we don’t feel as though we’re being taught. This is why playing educational games, watching entertaining education videos, and utilizing a social learning platform is perfect for any type of business training.

Definition of an Online Learning Platform

So what are online learning platforms, and what can they do for your organization?  

Basically, an online learning platform is a portal for your training content and resources. The ability to have all of the information in one place – lectures, videos, chats, and other resources- allows them to learn at their own pace, ask questions for nearly instant answers, and communicate as a team.

Online Learning Strategies

One significant difference between elearning and online learning isn’t instructor led training. You’ll learn at your own pace. There are many benefits and disadvantages to this. It’s essential to develop methods of keeping them active, easily providing the information, and keeping them connected.  

Advantages of Online Learning Platforms

Times have changed, and the internet has transformed the ways that we can learn. These changes have improved not only the platforms of learning but the methods of retaining, tracking, and overall cost. 

Here are some of the main advantages of online learning platforms,

Offers consistency for learning
Your training material will be kept in a centralized location that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. And can easily be updated.  

Track Your Partners’ Progress
Learning at their own pace doesn’t mean you set them up with the training and forget about them. You can track the progress of each partner.

Ability to create engaging material
The times of boring training material are over. You can easily create content that is fun and exciting through images, videos, and games through a learning management system. 

Improved results with more engagement
When learning isn’t dull and boring, it allows for better retention but also becomes exciting and fun when you incorporate gamification.

Easily update content
Things frequently change within many industries. You can easily update content without having to redo the entire training course.

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Challenges of Online Learning

When selecting online learning platforms for business, it’s essential that you choose one that will fit your needs or be customized to fit your needs. Here are some of the most significant problems partners face with online learning:

Ineffective Time Management 

Not utilizing their time efficiently. It can be difficult to find a balance between work and learning. It’s essential that you are clear about when they are able to study and guide them with an effective time management option to alleviate stress. 

Lack of Instant Communication 

We live in a world of instantaneous satisfaction. And because this is not an in-person setting, communication can get lost. Getting answers to questions that can clarify specific points throughout the training will keep their attention and improve their learning. It’s simple to include this into our online learning platform. 

Giving Feedback To Keep Them Motivated

People thrive on feedback making it one of the most important and meaningful ways to keep them engaged. Be sure that you are active with your expectation and their progress. You can easily track their performance in training. 

Provide Clear Instructions and Expectations

By setting clear expectations and providing clear instructions you’ll improve the success of the training. Otherwise, it can be confusing to navigate the training content and understand what you want them to do.

Difference between eLearning and Online Learning

The major difference between eLearning training and online learning is the lack of interaction with a teacher. Online learning is a self-paced method of learning. They are provided the content in an easy-to-navigate way and expected to complete it.

eLearning utilizes video conferencing software to interact with the teacher and other classmates. They will be required to meet at a certain time to complete the lessons. 

Neither of these online learning techniques is better than the other. It simply depends on the difficulty of the content and the time constraints of learning the content. There are many features of online learning that can be included in an online platform to improve the way that you learn.

Some of the most popular online learning trends include the following learning methods – gamification, augmented reality, microlearning, video and images, social learning, and adaptive learning. These methods of learning have proven to be successful. We learn better when we don’t feel as if we’re learning.

So what is an online learning platform? Basically, it’s an online base of the learning tools, whether it’s videos, games, or any other methods of learning you’ve selected to include in your training. 


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