Discover the Power of NetExam’s E-Learning Features: Revolutionize Your Training Experience!

Looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that caters to your specific training needs? Look no further! NetExam brings you a suite of powerful e-learning features designed to take your training programs to new heights. Whether you’re focusing on partner, customer, agent, or member training, our feature-rich platform has got you covered.

Wide Format Support   

NetExam supports various industry-standard formats, including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, and xAPI. No matter what format your content is in, NetExam seamlessly integrates and delivers a consistent learning experience.

Versatile Content Compatibility

 Embrace the freedom of utilizing diverse digital formats. NetExam supports videos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations (PPT), PDFs, and HTML content. Create engaging and interactive courses with ease, ensuring that your learners stay captivated throughout their training journey.

Certifications Made Simple

 Simplify your certification process with NetExam’s robust certification management. Define certification criteria, set expiration workflows, and implement recertification workflows effortlessly. Ensure your learners are up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills while maintaining compliance standards.

Adaptive Learning Paths

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training approaches. NetExam’s adaptive learning paths intelligently guide learners through personalized journeys based on their individual needs, preferences, and performance. Maximize engagement and knowledge retention by delivering targeted content to each learner.

Multilingual Courses

Break language barriers and reach a global audience. NetExam enables you to create and deliver courses in multiple languages, making training accessible and inclusive for learners worldwide. Expand your reach and enhance learner engagement across diverse cultural backgrounds.

Streamlined Course Creation

NetExam simplifies the course creation process with its intuitive Course Publication Wizard. Effortlessly build, edit, and publish courses, ensuring a seamless and efficient content development workflow. Get your training materials up and running quickly and efficiently.

Version Control and Retake Options

Keep your courses and certifications up to date with NetExam’s versioning capabilities. Implement changes and updates without disrupting ongoing training. Plus, utilize rule-based retake options to reinforce learning and ensure mastery of key concepts.

Automated Training Enrollment

Say goodbye to manual enrollment headaches. NetExam’s rule-based automatic training enrollment feature intelligently assigns learners to relevant courses based on predefined rules and criteria. Streamline administrative tasks and optimize training efficiency.

Comprehensive Assessments:

 Measure learner progress and knowledge retention with built-in quizzes, course exams, and certification exams. Leverage exam psychometrics to analyze learner performance and identify areas for improvement. Gain valuable insights to enhance your training programs.

Personalized Learning Objectives

Align training objectives with individual learner goals. NetExam allows you to define and track personalized learning objectives, enabling learners to monitor their progress and stay motivated throughout their training journey.

Prescriptive Learning

NetExam takes personalized learning to the next level with prescriptive learning recommendations. Analyze learner performance data and deliver targeted content suggestions to address knowledge gaps and optimize learning outcomes.

Advanced Enrollment Workflows

Configure enrollment workflows that align with your organizational structure and processes. Define prerequisites, corequisites, and equivalence courses to ensure learners follow logical training paths. Customize workflows to fit your unique training requirements.

Completion Certificates

Celebrate learner achievements with personalized completion certificates. NetExam generates certificates upon successful course or certification completion, enhancing learner satisfaction and motivation.

Talent and Competency Management

 Unleash the full potential of your workforce with NetExam’s talent and competency management features. Identify skill gaps, track employee progress, and implement targeted development plans to nurture talent within your organization.

Course Surveys and Feedback

Gather valuable feedback from learners through course surveys. Leverage Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculations to gauge learner satisfaction and continuously improve your training programs based on actionable insights.

Experience the future of e-learning with NetExam’s feature-rich platform. Unlock the full potential of your training programs, engage learners like never before, and drive superior performance across your organization. Join the growing community of satisfied NetExam users today!

NetExam eLearning Training Course View

Teaching new skills is essential to excelling in your career and building a thriving business. But finding the time to go back to school is nearly impossible. This is what makes our customizable eLearning platform so powerful for businesses.  E-learning gives you the ability to gain the necessary knowledge you need to find the success that you desire from the comfort of your own home, during your lunch break, or while traveling for work. You have the ability to work at your own pace within your own schedule making gaining these new skills possible. But one of the biggest benefits of eLearning is how cost effective it is. 

Let’s face it, educational institutions are expensive. You have to pay for transportation, to get to and from there, and the cost of textbooks is astronomical. With online learning the material is digital and there is no travel time. Some additional benefits of eLearning are the ability to review the information again and again until you fully understand the topic. You are training yourself but you also have the support of your professors and classmates through online discussion boards and chats.  Does eLearning work? Of course, but because it is self-paced you’ll need to be motivated to get the eLearning training material done.


What is eLearning?

    Elearning is a type of learning system that is completed electronically. There are different elements that make up an eLearning program such as lesson content, videos, quizzes, and other interactive elements. 

    It’s important that you understand the difference between eLearning and online learning, as they are similar. Elearning isn’t designed for everyone and it’s essential that you understand before starting your course. The major difference is how you complete your training and how you interact with your teacher. 

    Elearning offers catered learning for your unique preferences. It’s informal learning, meaning that you are not required to be in class at a specific time or day of the week. You’ll have lessons to complete, but you have the ability to complete them whenever you have the time and take however long you need to get them done through the internet. 

    The flexibility of eLearning makes it one of the best options for people with busy schedules who have the need and desire to gain new skills, to understand brand and business concepts. 

    Online learning is instructor led training. This means that you’ll need to be at an online class at specific times and finish your work within a specified timeline with your professor. These classes will be through virtual conferencing software.

    The Pros and Cons of eLearning

    As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common questions are, how is eLearning beneficial to students, and what are the benefits of eLearning? The self-paced learning is often the most enticing aspect of eLearning, but this certainly isn’t the only thing you’ll need to take into consideration. Here are some of the advantages of eLearning and the disadvantages of eLearning:

    Benefits of eLearning

    One of the major benefits of eLearning is that you can work at your own pace and fit it into your already busy schedule. As adults we have jobs, and a family to work around. Elearning gives you the flexibility to gain new skills without changing your schedule to fit school.  Here are some eLearning platform benefits of online training: 

    • Provides stress free learning with unlimited access to the studying material. You can review the video instructions and lessons again and again until you understand them completely.
    • You can log into the online learning platform to access the material from anywhere and at any time of the day as long as you have internet access.
    • The access to discussion boards and chats allows you to interact with other people to get additional help to complete lessons.

    The Disadvantage of eLearning

    Probably the biggest disadvantage to eLearning is relying on self-motivation. Having a lack of motivation can make learning difficult. Not everyone has the required discipline to do the work.  To address this issue LMS systems like NetExam have introduced gamification layers into the system. Learners are incentivized to complete their eLearning to receive points, badges and even gifts.



    Why Online Learning is Good

    Time flexibility is just one of many benefits of online learning. But there are plenty of other advantages of online learning – cost-effectiveness, scalability, customized learning, and potentially better retention. It costs much less than traditional school and offers customized experiences that fit your specific needs. An eLearning system allows teachers to teach lessons in a consistent way. This ensures that you are getting a high level of efficient training but with the same amount of knowledge as traditional schooling. Here are some of the features and benefits of eLearning with NetExam:

    Channel Partner Training

    Training your channel partners will give them the essential information to function efficiently with your network. By training them on your brand, products, and services, you’ll improve their sales and grow your business.

    Social Learning Platform
    Allowing students to interact with others is an essential aspect of learning. With our social learning platform solution, you can create, manage, and deliver employee training programs. 

    Quality Content That is Multilingual
    We understand your employees and partners are from all over the world. We provide teaching materials that are constantly updated by the latest education standards and in a multitude of languages.

    Optimized Learning Platforms
    We’re constantly improving our eLearning platforms to ensure the whole process is efficient so that you can get the most out of it.

    Completely Customizable Programs

    We understand each business is unique. This is why our programs are customizable to fit your specific needs.

    Enroll in NetExam’s eLearning Platform

    At NetExam, we provide customized eLearning that will fit your specific needs. Growing your business and training new partners can be time-consuming. But through our platform, you can provide them with the knowledge, understanding and reduce your costs efficiently. Are you ready to get started?  Enrolling in NetExam’s eLearning platform is simple.  After discussing your needs we can customize everything from how the interface looks to what you want them to learn. We’re flexible enough to meet your needs..