Third Party Content

Do you need to get your new partners, or current partner network up to speed with skills, knowledge or industry or business updates?

Training is an essential part of any successful business. But not every company has the time or know how to create an effective training program. This can be a time consuming, or costly process and let’s face it isn’t always the most simple thing to do. Thankfully there are ways that you can utilize existing content to create a training course, and content that is created to minimize the learning curve without costing your a small fortune.

Using third party content creation is a great way to reduce the time spent creating a specialized knowledge base, specialized skills, and high-quality content for your training programs. However, one of the biggest problems you’ll face is finding quality third-party content to use. There is a ton of content to choose from online – blogs, wikis, social networks, videos, and more. Unfortunately, it can be extremely time-consuming going through the content to find high-quality and accurate information to use.



However, if you find the right company that provides content from trained and knowledgeable professionals that is specific to your industry you can get quality content to use for LMS training courses.

While this content might not be specific to your organization, it will be specific to your industry. So you will be able to use the content without having to change the content or change it too drastically. This can be considered user-generated content, which is content that is related to your brand but created by someone outside of your business.

What is Third Party Content?

Not all third party content is created equal. It’s important that you understand exactly what type of content this is. Third party content is content that is created by someone else. They can be experts, hobbyists, experienced, or inexperienced people writing the content. 

You are able to use the content as curated content, but cannot claim it as your own. This means that if you want to share the content in any way you’ll be responsible for giving the author the credit. Here are some third-party content examples: journals, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, videos, or more.

Because third party content isn’t always written by experienced professionals it’s essential that you are choosing sources that are. This can be just as time-consuming as writing your own training courses and materials. So third-party content isn’t always the best for training content, but it is a great option for industry updates and social networking content

Another option for creating training material is with pre-designed training courses or off-the-shelf training.

What is Off The Shelf Training?

Off-the-shelf training content is ready-made off the shelf courses. These pre-designed courses will cover specific topics and industries that often cover an array of topics within the industry such as skill development, talent development, upskilling, health and safety on the job, regulations, and compliance, certification compliance training, and more. They can prove to be vital for most professionals in any particular industry while eliminating the costly and time consuming creation processes for your business.

These ready-to-go courses come in a variety of formats that will enhance training within your market – digital courses, streaming videos, and more. But are they going to be the right choice for your organization? 


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Benefits of Off-The-Shelf Training Content

There are pros and cons of online employee training with off-the-shelf content. 

Cost Effective

Off the shelf training courses save you from hiring a company or paying in-house employees from creating custom content. Hiring a graphic designer is an added expense that isn’t necessary when you can simply purchase online training materials that can be added to your existing eLearning training or replace them entirely.

Speed up Training Process

Reduce the time needed to get your trainees up to speed. You’ll be able to quickly get the training process started with pre-built eLearning courses. They are ready to distribute to your audience, therefore, eliminating the editing and testing process that is often time consuming.  

Content Created by Experts

With NetExam our out-of-the-box eLearning is created by experts within the industry. This includes graphic designers and instructional designers that are well versed on the topic. Online training content that is backed by experts who can deliver informative content in an easy-to-digest format improves the retention of the training material and improves your online training ROI.

Best Elearning Content Providers

High quality content is essential to providing your new trainee or current employee the skills, knowledge, and information easily. Finding the best eLearning content providers improves the results and teaches your trainees everything they need to know to be successful within your organization. Not all third party content providers are created equal so it’s important that you are taking your time to find the right one.


NetExam Off The Shelf Training Courses

It can be challenging to effectively train your employees with the exact skills your business needs. Creating a training course is essential to getting your employees fully equipped for their new role. This is why we deliver courses that will not only train your new talent but also engage them, therefore improving retention. 

Our off the shelf LMS course content offers different types of learning content that will stretch your corporate budget without sacrificing quality.

It can be time-consuming and costly to create custom content for LMS. And if your organization is like many others, it’s likely your staff is already pressed for time, making this type of project is nearly impossible. 

We’ve already done the hard work for you. We’ve created pre-built eLearning courses that will effectively train your employees. All of our courses come perfectly packaged in a variety of training material – videos, PDF’s and more.  

Are you ready to reduce the cost, and get your trainees started right away with knowledgeable, easy-to-read content for your organization?

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