What are Video Challenges in Training?

Video challenges in training courses are assignments that require the learner to record a video to demonstrate their mastery of course content.


What are Sales Pitch Challenges

A popular application of video challenge is a sales pitch challenge in sales enablement training where learners undergo training in delivering sales pitches and then record a video of their sales pitch and submit for grading. The video is then graded based on standardized rubric and coaching feedback is provided back to the team member.

Image above shows a view of NetExam auto-graded video results

What is Video Coaching in Sales Enablement

Video coaching in Sales Enablement is the process by which sales coaches enable learning for channel partners or inside sales team members primarily through personalized video-based training. This can consist of training videos from the coach, videos recorded by the team members, and real time video conferencing.


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NetExam Support for Video Challenges

NetExam has built-in support for video challenges with the following features

Assign video challenges to learners such as recording Sales Pitch or any other hands on activity as part of the training activity. Learners can record the video using NetExam’s web-based application or mobile app.

Rubric Based Grading

Videos are graded by the assigned examiners using standardized rubrics. Configurable workflow to assign coaches, managers, SMEs as examiners.

Video Coaching

Examiners can provide personalized video coaching and feedback back to the learners as a part of the grading process.

Social Grading

Submitted videos can be graded by peer learners.

Speech to text retrieval

NetExam’s AI services automatically convert the text in the video to text.

Auto-grading of Videos

NetExam’s AI-based video grading system can automatically grade videos based on rubrics. The auto-graded results can be configured to be first reviewed by examiners or made available directly to the learners.

Self Practice Tool

Enable auto-grading for learners to use Sales Pitch Training as a self-practice tool. Learners can practice variations of the sales pitch and receive immediate AI-generated feedback.

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