Instructor-Led Training

If you are just starting out with instructor-led training or have the most complex ILT resource planning needs, NetExam can handle it. 

Whether you host courses virtually with WebEx, GTM, Zoom, MS Team, or at a physical location, NetExam can automate your workflows. As a result, the experience is easy for your learners, instructors, coordinators, and administrators.

NetExam can manage resources like instructors, venues, and training props to get the most optimized allocation of your resources. To achieve this, NetExam uses AI models to create the most optimized resource allocation using predictive analytics. In addition, NetExam Authorized Training Providers (ATP) module lets you easily manage third-party training providers. In turn, this gives your ATPs the ability to automate their instructor-led training.

Instructor-Led Training Feature List

  • Multi-Session Classes
  • Class Templates
  • Repeating Classes
  • Multiple Instructors
    • Assign or invite instructors to sign up to teach
    • Locate eligible, available, and closest to venue instructor 
  • In-Class Proctored Exams
  • Student Skill Evaluations on Hands-On Activities
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Email Alerts
    • Over 30 email triggers such as reminders/follow-ups to participants and instructors
  • Class Resources 
    • Configure when resources are available for learners 
  • Virtual Labs for Classes
    • Automate VM-based labs creation for participants
  • Automate Distributing Textbooks to Participants
  • Distance from Venues to Instructor
  • Pay Management
  • Student Polls with Interactive Questions 
  • Mobile Responsive Class Site for Student Interaction
  • Class Forecasting
  • Authorized Training Providers 
    • Allow third parties to sell courses 
  • Venue Management
    • Scheduling and availability 
    • Sub-venues
    • Profiles/facilities and capacity
  • Training Resource Management (training props, equipment, etc.)
    • Scheduling and availability 
  • Virtual Classroom Management
    • MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Integration
    • Automatically create sessions in WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe via API-based integration
    • Automatic roster update from WebEx/GTM 
  • Instructor Mobile App
  • Scan Student QR Codes to Mark Attendance
    • Instructors can sign up to teach or see current assignments
    • Notifications to instructors 
    • Access and update class rosters 

AI-Based Class Forecasts

Learner Calendar