There’s no secret that a well trained employee will improve the quality of work performed. But this isn’t always an easy task to undertake.

Effective training takes time to plan and implement, most of which companies don’t have.  There are a few things that you’ll need to ensure the training is successful,

Realistic & attainable training objectives. By setting objectives and clearly communicating the desired outcome you’ll be able to create the right plan to help your employees better understand the training and its purpose. 

Convenient and accessible to employees. We’re all about convenience, and when the training is convenient it encourages engagement.

Be sure to track the employee’s progress. Tracking the progress and seeing how engaged the employees are will help to improve the training or push the employee to complete their required coursework. 

When it comes to effectively training your employees and equipping them with the necessary skills, there are many options; not every option is the right solution. Not all of them will offer a comprehensive approach to learning, especially if the information is complex. 

There is no better way to learn complex skills than with an interactive experience from experienced instructor-led training. It aids in keeping the attendees engaged through hands-on demonstrative learning opportunities and aids in better retention.

Instructor-Led Training Feature List

  • Multi-Session Classes
  • Class Templates
  • Repeating Classes
  • Multiple Instructors
    • Assign or invite instructors to sign up to teach
    • Locate eligible, available, and closest to venue instructor 
  • In-Class Proctored Exams
  • Student Skill Evaluations on Hands-On Activities
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Email Alerts
    • Over 30 email triggers such as reminders/follow-ups to participants and instructors
  • Class Resources 
    • Configure when resources are available for learners 
  • Virtual Labs for Classes
    • Automate VM-based labs creation for participants
  • Automate Distributing Textbooks to Participants
  • Distance from Venues to Instructor
  • Pay Management
  • Student Polls with Interactive Questions 
  • Mobile Responsive Class Site for Student Interaction
  • Class Forecasting
    • Authorized Training Providers 
      • Allow third parties to sell courses 
    • Venue Management
      • Scheduling and availability 
      • Sub-venues
      • Profiles/facilities and capacity
    • Training Resource Management (training props, equipment, etc.)
      • Scheduling and availability 
    • Virtual Classroom Management
      • MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Integration
      • Automatically create sessions in WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Adobe via API-based integration
      • Automatic roster update from WebEx/GTM 
    • Instructor Mobile App
    • Scan Student QR Codes to Mark Attendance
      • Instructors can sign up to teach or see current assignments
      • Notifications to instructors 
      • Access and update class rosters 

    Ilt Training

    So what is instructor led training, or what is ilt?

    Ilt training means that you can train your employees on different skills within the workforce, either on location or in a classroom.

    But times have changed over the years, and instructor-led training can now be done by an instructor online, called virtual instructor led training. Face-to-face interaction is no longer necessary when lessons can be delivered through interactive workshops through conferencing tools. This type of training allows employees to gain the necessary skills for even the most highly complex topics with person to person interaction in a classroom setting without the physical classroom.

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    Virtual instructor led training is a type of elearning training system that brings benefits to the classroom setting through the internet. One of the biggest advantages of classroom training, whether online or in a classroom is the ability to ask questions. You’ll be required to show up for the class at the required time to listen to live lectures and lessons by an instructor.

    ILT is just one of the best options for companies looking to train their employees on highly complex topics that would require hands-on interactive learning. The face-to-face interaction with intense topics helps to retain the information better and encourages interaction and discussions within the group setting. 

    Benefits of Instructor Led Training

    Many people look at virtual instructor led training as an informal learning method, however, despite the class being held on a conferencing platform, you will gain all of the benefits of a classroom setting. Instructor led training classes offer these amazing benefits:

    Personalized Learning
    ILT learning allows instructors to tailor their approach for personal connections with learners. Allowing those who struggle with the lessons to better absorb the information.

    Dynamic Experiential Learning

    When people learn together, they learn more by exchanging ideas, and this is achieved through group discussions, small groups, and role-playing. 

    Access to Resources

    ILT resources help learners to get answers to their questions and deepen their learning on their own as well.

    Vilt Training

    While instructor-led training has the advantages of face-to-face human connections and hands-on learning, vilt training offers the benefits of group training through video conferencing tools with live lessons delivered by an experienced instructor and engages the learners through a virtual classroom environment. This creates an interactive experience that connects both the instructor and the learner even though they are in different locations and they are able to deliver the learning content effectively. 

    If you’re wondering how to properly train your employees efficiently and without breaking the bank, virtual instructor led training might be the best option for complex training. 

    Here are just some of the benefits of VILT training,

    Cost-Effective Option To Train Employees

    Because VILT training can be done from your local office or anywhere that has an available internet connection. If an employee is away for work they do not have to miss their training. Plus, it reduces the amount of time spent out of the office and in a classroom.  

    Engaging Tools That Make Learning Easier 

    Every lesson is taught by a professional. Every learner will be given tools that will aid in  boosting knowledge retention, such as, virtual whiteboards, polls, and the ability to watch the lessons and go over the material to reinforce the content.  

    Vilt vs. Ilt Training

    In-person ILT training has been the most popular and most common method of taking courses. You go to a classroom and listen to a live instructor teaching lessons. Employees had to drive to the location of the class and miss additional time from work.

    But taking courses through Vilt training, they are still getting the advantages of having a live instructor but without the long drive through a virtual setting. The only thing that has changed is location. Video conferencing technology and simulation training methods still allow for the benefits in learning from an instructor. 

    Depending on the type of skill set you are developing, in-person ILT is most appropriate when learning a new skill set that requires hands-on practice. However some can still be successful through video conferencing technology and simulation training methods. 

    Virtual instructor-led training reduces the cost dramatically. Not only are you saving on travel costs, it also greatly reduces productivity losses without affecting the quality of instruction. Virtual instructors offer the same expertise and teaching experience as classroom instructors.

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