LMS for Associations


NetExam for Associations and Organizations

NetExam has all the LMS features needed to offer a best-of-the-breed training platform for the members of your association or organization members. Make a world-class training and certification program a benefit of your membership and grow your association. 

      • Automate Member onboarding training
        • Automate Member onboarding training assignments with integrations to AMS systems 
      • Certifications
        • Offer certifications to members with exams and training requirements 
        • Generate official certificates and badges for certified members  
        • Configurable Recertification workflows with email reminders
      • Badges 
        • Reward members with badges that they can share on social media
      • Gamification with games, contests, and rewards
        • Make learning fun with games and contests. Rewards users with prizes
      • Continuing Education Management
        • Award Continuing Education Units for training and activities conducted at other recognized continuing education providers  
        • Allow members to submit their Continuing Education hours and optionally route via an approval workflow
        • Track Continuing Education Units members have to keep their certifications up to date.  
      • Social Learning for members
        • Provide a platform  for members to learn collaboratively 
      • Learning Subscriptions for Member
        • Provide learning subscriptions for members based on membership tiers
      • Group Learning for member groups  
        • Assign group learning projects to members 
      • Learning Path Recommendations
        • Adaptive Learning Paths for members based on AI algorithms  
      • Self-Reporting for Members
        • Access Learning History and Transcripts
        • Print/Download Certificates and Badges
      • Integrations with Association Management Systems and CRMs 
        • API-based bi-directinal integrations with Association Management Systems like Fonteva
        • For CRM integration features, click here
      • eCommerce with promotion codes, member tier-based pricing, bundles
        • Flexible ways to monetize training and certification 
        • For all eCommerce features, click here
      • App for Training Conferences 
        • Manage Conference activities such as logistics, registration, payments, attendance, etc., via NetExam. 

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