What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a training technique where small learning units and short-term learning activities are used to train learners.

What is Adaptive Microlearning?

Adaptive microlearning is a technique where intelligent algorithms are used to personalize microlearning content to learners based on their identified knowledge gaps. This process continuously assesses a learner’s knowledge by identifying current gaps and curating content to address those gaps. Example algorithms include the Spaced Repetition Algorithm, which is proven in studies to be effective memory reinforcement.

Adaptive Microlearning for Channel Partner Training

When you are tasked with training an external audience like Channel Partners, Resellers, Certified Agents, etc., it is good practice to use adaptive microlearning techniques to help them optimize their learning in the short amounts of time they are able to invest in your training. Research shows adaptive microlearning significantly improves knowledge retention, which is crucial for these learners who, unlike your employees, may not be using this knowledge on a regular basis.

NetExam Support for Microlearning

NetExam has built-in support for microlearning via features such as micro-courses, question-of-the-day, and flashcards.


This feature allows content authors to create a set of questions and “push” them to learners via the learner portal, email, or push notification for mobile app users. Learners adaptively receive personalized questions based on how they answered the previous set of questions.

Virtual Flashcards

Content authors create a deck of flashcards using NetExam’s built-in authoring tool and make it available for learners. Learners can access these flashcards from the context of a course or topic and use them to refresh their knowledge or prepare for an exam or activity. Learners can state their confidence level for each interaction to receive a personalized sequence of flashcards.


Microcourses contain small chunks of content, and once a user completes one, another is recommended to the learner using NetExam’s prescriptive learning algorithm.

Microlearning Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analytics of learners’ confidence levels and progress are available for managers.

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