About NetExam LMS+

The NetExam channel partner training team includes industry experts with a passion for helping businesses share knowledge and increase revenue.

Elevate your customer and partner training to the next level with NetExam, boosting your reach and revenue through comprehensive training and certification programs.

The Origin of NetExam

NetExam is a robust Channel Partner Training Company. Our mature application has been honed to meet the needs of businesses where training and proctored certifications are essential. Brett Strauss formed Media Defined, Inc. (MDI) in 1998. Strauss developed MDI in response to a growing need for vendors to develop new and improved methods of supporting their product learning and certification initiatives. Our channel partner training specializes in the development of extended enterprise learning solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective. NetExam also provides a generous return on investment.

NetExam has a global content delivery network with over two dozen servers in as many countries. Consequently, content downloads are fast and reliable. Since NetExam is a SaaS application, there will be no hardware requirements. This product is specifically designed to perform superbly on a global basis with an internet connection and a current web browser.

Meet Our Experienced Management Team

Brett Strauss

Founder and Director of Business Development

Himansu Karunadasa

Chief Technology Officer

Nikki Johnson

Director of Client Services

Carl Hlazo

Director of Engineering