NetExam was the first LMS to integrate with and has the most advanced bi-directional and configurable CRM-LMS integrations available in the market.  Use the integration companies like AMD, Bayer, Honeywell, Sabre, Stanley and DELL have used.
  • Certified integration package available in the AppExchange at
  • NetExam Lightning Components 
  • Add NetExam as a tab to Communities, Customer or Partner Portals for seamless access.
  • Automatically create learner accounts in NetExam when Contacts and Accounts are created in Create rules to auto-assign training to them based on attributes in their records and alert them of training availability. 
  • When a user completes their training or achieves a certification, that data is automatically transferred to users can access  individual as well as account level training and certification completion data directly from
  • Create training vouchers from and assign them to partners or customers. 
  • Automate training subscription/voucher creation and distribution when you create sales orders in
  • When a user purchases a training item in NetExam, the transaction data is sent to allowing users to view how much revenue they received from the partner. 
  • Just in time learning – make contextual training content appear in based on what the user is working on.
  • Create Lead records in when user register for training
  • Automate Channel Partner Tier Promotions when partner users completed their allocated training.
  • Create automated workflows when training and or certifications expire such as partner tier demotions etc 
  • Automate MDF assignments based on training and certification completion
  • Automate assigning leads to your most trained and certified partners who can best represent you.
  • Access ROI of Training reports that shows correlation of training investment versus revenue
  • Open API for configuration and customization.

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