We’ve Perfected Partner and Customer Training.

We’re NetExam, the only pure extended enterprise Learning Management System designed to address the specific needs of global partner and customer training.

We’ve Perfected Channel Partner Training.

We’re NetExam, the only pure Channel Partner Training Management System designed to address the specific needs of the global sales channel.

The more they know, the more they’ll sell.

Using Channel Partner Learning to Increase Sales and Profits

Imagine increasing your channel partner’s sales (and your profits) by over 20% simply by making them more knowledgeable about your products.

First, maximize resources by assigning leads based on testing performance. Then expand your product’s reach across the globe by training in over 30 different languages. As a matter of fact, we can even help you identify partners with a lower return on investment.

If channel partners are your main source of revenue, talk to NetExam about creating a precise channel partner learning system for your specific needs. Because better-educated people sell more products.

NetExam is recognized by the Talented Learning Organization as the #1 Channel Partner LMS on the market.

Channel Partner Focused

NetExam turns anyone into a savvy channel manager by combining certification with channel operations data.

Use NetExam to see if your investments yielded the expected results by analyzing the impact of training & certification on your bottom line.

Salesforce Integrated

As the first LMS to integrate with Salesforce.com, NetExam utilizes a flexible learning platform to fully integrate your data.

Simply complete the easy setup, and you’re ready to start the training process in minutes – not months.

Revenue Driven Training

NetExam allows your organization to use training to drive revenue. Get the most out of your resources by distributing leads based on course completion. Or decide how to divide your MDF or Co-op funds based on your partners’ certification levels.

You can even use NetExam to identify partners with a lower ROI and adjust your relationship to them accordingly.

Resource Optimized

Informed decisions are what NetExam is all about. Made to help you optimize the allocation of your channel resources, NetExam supplies certification reports that show which partners are compliant with your channel program requirements, which products and specializations have received the most attention, and which incentives have had the greatest effect. So you can make the right decision in real time.

Our CRM Partners

As the leading Channel Partner Learning Management System, NetExam deeply integrates with most major CRM platforms.

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NetExam Clients

We are honored to work with some of the top Channel Partner-driven businesses in the industry.