60-Second Case Study: Transforming Travel Agent Training: Sabre’s Success with the NetExam LMS

Watch the 60-Second Case Study about Sabre using NetExam to transform their travel agent training programs.

By Brett Strauss

EDITOR’S NOTE: This LMS case study video is being republished with permission from Talented Learning.

Sabre, a leading provider of technology solutions for the travel industry, leveraged the NetExam LMS (Learning Management System) to streamline and optimize their training process for travel agents.

By integrating NetExam into their training ecosystem, Sabre ensured that their agents received comprehensive and up-to-date training on using Sabre software effectively.

Create, deliver, and track training

The NetExam LMS provided Sabre with a centralized platform to create, deliver, and track training modules tailored specifically to the needs of travel agents. Through interactive courses, simulations, and assessments, agents gained in-depth knowledge of Sabre’s software functionalities, reservation systems, and best practices in customer service.

Travel Agent Onboarding

One of the key advantages of using NetExam for Sabre was the automation of the onboarding process for new agents. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, Sabre could efficiently onboard new agents, providing them with the necessary training modules and resources to quickly become proficient in using Sabre’s software suite.

SalesForce Integration

The integration of NetExam with Salesforce allowed Sabre to seamlessly track training progress, performance metrics, and certification statuses of agents. This integration not only streamlined data management but also enabled Sabre to make data-driven decisions to enhance training effectiveness and agent performance.

Overall, the partnership between Sabre and NetExam facilitated a robust training framework that empowered travel agents with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional service to customers while maximizing operational efficiency and business outcomes for Sabre.

Case Study Profile

  • NetExam Customer: Sabre
  • Business Challenge: Onboarding and integrating Salesforce for Travel Agent training
  • Learning Solution: Channel Partner LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Key Functionality: Onboarding, analytics, course authoring, and certification tools
  • Industry: Software and Technology
  • Use Case: Partner and Channel Training
  • Location: Global

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