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We’ve perfected High-Stakes Certification Exam Delivery and Learning!

We are NetExam, the only high-tech, simple-to-use, multi-faceted, multi-device platform with secure Certification Exam Delivery and Learning Management System designed to address the specific needs of Public Safety Accreditation Entities, Universities, and more.


NetExam Public Safety clients understand the necessity of providing high-stakes information and testing the same. There’s no wiggle room because what your candidates learn and then test upon can mean a matter of life and death to a civilian or themselves.

Whether you’re an entity that trains, is accredited or reaccredited, and have students and/or Certification and Recertification candidates, NetExam is the proven choice to train, test, measure competencies, and conduct and capture continuing education credits.

Everything is at your fingertips and customized to suit you. Ease of use is important to NetExam and we know it is to you and your team, as well. We take the guesswork out of calendaring your courses, team, and deliverables, and make eCommerce a button click for purchase orders, credit cards, and vouchers.
Allow us to show you why we have many happy Public Safety customers.

Exam Bank Management

Build workflows to create, local-validate, and approve exam questions based on NFPA Standards, JPR, and AHJ. Securely validate test banks remotely or locally. Generate test instruments with multiple versions for online or linked paper exams. And enjoy the sophisticated analysis of exam questions and distractors; point biserial, P-level, KR-20, and Discrimination Index.

Exam delivery

Securely deliver your exams online, even in other countries. Feel confident with the remote proctoring you can add to your delivery. Rely on the built-in cheating algorithms with notification of anomalies provided to Admins. And if you have Scantron-like equipment, you can use it to help upload your paper exam results into your platform.

Skills Testing

iOS or Android single or group testing of all skill stations at any location. Results are signed by the candidates, and the evaluators, and time-stamped for security. The candidate’s skills can be recorded, as well.

Resource, Student, & Personnel Management

Records of all interactions delivered or housed on the platform, including training, exams, and skills, You can manage your instructors, evaluators, venues, training props, travel, and accommodations, while avoiding scheduling conflicts. Geofence your instructors to save time and money. And on top of current record management, and store historical data to be accessed by Admins.

Custom Learner Portal

Your students and candidates enjoy the ease of use when they log into their customized User Interface. Depending on your preferences, they can see their transcript, training and exams, and career path in courseware. You can also choose for them to receive a welcome message on their UI that is easily changed by your Admins, including your entity’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. Each User Interface can be altered per user type, so your employees and your instructors will enjoy their own experience when they log in that could be different from that of your students and candidates.

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The NETEXAM platform is a game-changer for Great Oaks! With the power and the adaptability of the system we have increased our test security and streamlined operations. While we are aggressively pushing ideas to implement features and ideas we have enjoyed the best support and advice on best practices that I have ever experienced as a customer. A customer’s question or idea deserves an answer and the NETEXAM team make it happen even when it is something we can’t do-Yet! Johnny Mason OFE, CTO Fire Safety Services Supervisor Great Oaks Fire Academy 200 Scarlet Oaks Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

My name is Christopher Demello Rice, and I am the Training Coordinator for the NDFA (North Dakota Firefighter’s Association) in Bismarck, ND. Our mission here at the NDFA is to promote our members’ safety and welfare through training and certification. To certify in any of our standards, candidates must complete a cognitive, written exam for which we turned to Net Exam. Going on three years now, we’ve been administering our written tests through Net Exam and are very happy with the product. The security of our test banks is top-notch, and the program is well organized. The best part of using Net Exam is that once trained, setting up written exams is a breeze and streamlines the work needed. It’s very easy to use, and we recommend this to any other agency looking for a platform to administer tests. We are very excited to start our next phase with Net Exam, which integrates the required skills needed to complete our manipulative exams.

Training Coordinator
NDFA (North Dakota Firefighter’s Association)

When signing on with Netexam we informed them our company was unique and after 4 years I think they would agree. During the implementation and continued support, Netexam has been extremely responsive, open to new enhancements needed, and very patient and this is why I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an LMS. Cary Breeze, IAED


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The future is here, and it is tech. The Public Safety sector needs the best and most efficient equipment, including your training and high-stakes testing platform. And high-stakes testing is more important than a piece of paper, it needs to have a level of security attached. Your platform must be able to handle your needs of today and your wants of tomorrow. There’s nothing better than KNOWING how NetExam can help you and your team to make a more informed choice instead of buying blind. Please contact Cindy Huse for an online demonstration and to get your questions answered.

Cindy Huse