AVIXA and NetExam LMS+:  A Partnership That Thrived Under Pressure

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NetExam LMS+ gave AVIXA the tools to manage its certification programs and handle unprecedented traffic, proving indispensable for the association’s growth and success.

Meet Avixa

AVIXA is the trade association for the audiovisual industry with over 11,000 members worldwide. Known for offering 170 courses, AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential is recognized as the leading professional certification in the audiovisual industry. 

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A Partnership That Thrived Under Pressure

In the dynamic world of audiovisual technology, AVIXA stands out as the leading trade association with over 11,000 members worldwide. 

Known for its comprehensive range of courses and the prestigious Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential, AVIXA faced a significant challenge: finding an LMS that could not only support its large member base but also provide advanced functionality and precise tracking for its certification programs. 

This case study explores how AVIXA partnered with NetExam to overcome these challenges, achieve seamless scalability, and maintain exceptional performance even during the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critical Obstacles

AVIXA needed an LMS that could handle training for its large and growing member base, provide advanced e-commerce functionality, and precise tracking for a complex certification program. 

The system needed to accurately record how many renewal units (RUs) members accumulated from various sources to renew their certifications. After evaluating the top LMS options, only NetExam LMS+ could meet these requirements.

The Breakthrough Approach

NetExam provided a solution that other LMS vendors were reluctant to even attempt. The system was designed to precisely track certification progress and seamlessly update member transcripts from various sources. 

For example, when a member completed a course from AVIXA and other providers, the renewal units (RU) would immediately appear on their transcript. Over time, the system would accurately tally RUs, allowing members to renew their certifications efficiently. After they renewed their certification, the renewal units were automatically returned to zero to start again.

The Ultimate Test

In 2020, the true capability of NetExam LMS+ was put to the test. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, AVIXA decided to offer all its courses for free. Enrollments skyrocketed from an average of 150 per day to unprecedented levels at 8,000 per day! 

Despite this massive increase in traffic, NetExam LMS+ maintained its performance without a single crash or slowdown. The system’s robustness and reliability were crucial during this period, proving invaluable to AVIXA.

Global Reach and Impact

Today, AVIXA serves 11,400 members across 114 countries. The association offers 170 courses and events, with the CTS program remaining a globally recognized AV credential. 

Last year, AVIXA had 31,846 learners who completed 75,413 online courses, averaging 2.3 courses per learner.

Despite the pandemic, AVIXA has grown consistently year after year. Course consumption reached unprecedented levels during COVID-19 as AVIXA opened up the courses for members who had more time to train.

What’s Next on the Horizon

Looking ahead, NetExam LMS+ will continue to evolve to provide the advanced functionality and scalability needed to support changes to the training and certification program and plans for growth. 

The system’s performance during the pandemic further solidified AVIXA’s trust in NetExam LMS+, proving that it could handle extraordinary demands without compromising on quality. 

AVIXA may also focus on providing tailored learning paths for different tracks and areas of emphasis.

As AVIXA continues to grow and evolve, NetExam LMS+ remains a cornerstone of its educational offerings, supporting the association’s mission to advance the audiovisual industry.

About NetExam LMS+

Not just a one-size-fits-all LMS; NetExam LMS+ is a powerful suite of tools that leverage cutting-edge AI and exceptional support to streamline customer and channel partner education programs for large extended enterprises.  

NetExam LMS+ has been perfected over years of delivering successful training solutions to best-in-class extended enterprises like Oracle, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Honeywell, AMD, McAfee, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Royal Canin, Sabre, Stanley, Aetna, and Bobcat.

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