LMS Customization Services

One of the most significant issues that many organizations face is channel partner turnover and the poor culture within their company. Both of these things are often related to practical training and management. When it comes to training your employees or channel partners training, it can be difficult to enhance their performance while increasing productivity effectively.

If people aren’t adequately trained, they will become overwhelmed, frustrated, and lose interest. By improving the way that you train your channel partner employees, you’ll dramatically improve both channel partner retention and the culture within the workplace. 



It can be challenging to develop training programs on your own, even with an LMS system. They often don’t have everything that you need. But when you choose a qualified company that knows how to customize and keep all of your training materials and more in an all in one LMS system, you’ll find that there is a host of benefits. 

At NetExam, we provide custom LMS solutions for any type of business and their needs. What is an LMS system? LMS stands for learning management system. It’s an online learning software system that allows you to create, deliver and track channel partner onboarding training, corporate changes training, and channel partner training.

What is LMS Customization?

LMS customization is the ability to create a personalized experience for every business. It’s not just about putting your logo on a premade platform filled with LMS modules that you’ll never use. A custom LMS with specific changes that fit your business content specifically improves its effectiveness.  

Advantages of a customized LMS

When you have flexibility with your LMS platform, it allows you to brand your company but, more importantly, create solutions based on the principles of your organization. There is no limit to the custom features you have at your disposal. Here are just some of the advantages,

Easily achieve targeted goals

You have the ability to deliver training content efficiently through types of content – videos, interactive PDFs, eBooks, podcasts, and more. This improves the overall learning experience allowing them to learn faster and retain more information. 

Plus, you can improve your targeted goals through training schedules, polls, surveys, and announcements. This keeps them motivated to stay on track and provides you with valuable information to improve your training.

You control the features

Not every course can be taught using the same format, and custom changes give you the ability to improve training layouts, features, and designs that best suits your needs. Standard learning management systems won’t give you the control that you need. Moreover, there will be missing features that will be beneficial to your organization and features that you’ll never utilize. 

A customized LMS offers you the ability to create powerful courses with various features. You’ll have the ability to show one group specific interactive videos, and certain games for another within one platform. You have the ability to use or develop new features to meet the needs of specific roles, departments, or objectives of your organization. 

Personalize learning for your employees

A custom dashboard provides a personalized learning experience for each employee, allowing them access to the specific training role within the company. You can create a custom dashboard for channel partner training, new employees, and existing employees. 

Organize all your training content on a single platform

It can be overwhelming having your training content on various platforms. This can make things confusing and overwhelming.  Having a centralized learning platform for all of your content makes things easier for everyone.  It can be customized for various eLearning resources, training materials, videos, and anything else you may need.

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Ways To Customize LMS

There are many simple ways to customize your LMS platform, from a simple change of your logo and default colors to match your organization to an advanced integrated content management system that makes customizations limitless. Here are some of the most common customization options:

Custom Logos

A company’s logo has an important role within your company. Not only does it help people to identify your company instantly, but it also helps to keep your company in their minds.  This is why you put it in all the emails you send out, why you make it visible on your website, on pens, and just about anything. And it should be inside of your custom LMS platform, and in the favicon, so your trainees always know they are within the platform. 

Brand Themes

Every aspect of branding the theme to be identified as part of your organization easily can be customized. Just as important as your logo, your organization’s color palette helps to define your business as well. This subconscious option tells them how they should feel about your brand.


Gamification has become increasingly more popular. We can create badges teams and build online learning experiences that provide more than just training. Adding gaming elements to your platform based on your training content makes learning fun, improves retention, and invokes healthy competition.

Multiple Languages

Translating the content into the language of your trainees has never been easier.


With endless notification options, everyone will always be in the loop. Whether it’s new training material, changes within the organization or industry, or motivation to complete the content, you can create automated email alerts across the entire company or certain users.


See how NetExam can create your customized LMS

Creating, managing, and delivering your training material is important to the trainee’s experience and performance. This is why at NetExam, we offer a customizable learning management system that is specific to your organization’s needs and help with creating LMS content that performs best. 

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Using the standard features for your content and online training program simply isn’t going to be enough. The learning management system key features vary from organization to organization. We help you find the perfect solutions for creating a platform that will fit your objectives, help you to reach your goals, and improve your business.

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