Custom Courseware Development

There’s no denying that modern technology has revolutionized the way corporations are training channel partners. Elearning provides you the ability to access learning content from anywhere that has internet access and the course is filled with engaging content that improves the retention of the material. 

Let’s face it learning isn’t always fun, but gamification, videos, and images make learning fun.  When creating course content the goal is to capture the learner’s attention and keep it and the type of media that you use plays an important role in this. This helps to broaden their knowledge base and skill sets, therefore, improving your organization.

Learning how to develop a learning management system doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you choose to utilize prepackaged courses or use custom course development services it’s important that the lessons are filled with information and resources that will help reach their goals.


What is Custom Courseware Development?

Having a custom course developed for your organization offers advantages that a prepackaged course cannot offer. Custom content increases productivity by training them effectively in areas specific to your organization. 

Plus, you’ll be saving your channel partners time from having to go through the pre-built material to decide the content that can be used. No two organizations are the same regardless of whether or not they are in the same industry.

Benefits of Custom Courseware Development

While the initial cost of pre-built eLearning courses will cost less and offer you more convenience, custom courseware offers many benefits that you’ll miss out on. 

There is a wide range of benefits to developing your own eLearning courses and modules. Here are just a few,

Empower Companies to Improve Business Performance

Because you have the ability to customize your training by the company or department, you have the ability to target specific organizational goals. Each department has its own set of goals and objectives that can easily be addressed through our custom lms development and custom eLearning courses. 

Create Content that Goes Beyond Training

You can create engaging, interactive, fun, and exciting content that motivates your trainee to learn. With off-the-shelf training courses, the content is often generic and boring in nature, making learning boring and difficult to follow along. This is a waste of both time and money. 

Have Access To Expert Trainers

All LMS courses are developed by experts that know how to deliver responsive, interactive, and fun courses.  Our eLearning solutions deliver exactly what your employers need to know in an easy-to-follow and digest format.

A Much Higher ROI

Custom eLearning solutions will increase your ROI over time regardless of the higher initial upfront. But this investment will better train your channel partners and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve productivity. 

Ability to Align Content with the Brand and Values

Easily align your training course with your company’s values and branding. When you incorporate your color scheme and logo into the design of your course content it will engage your learner. 

Target Your Specific Audience

Every organization has its own strengths & weaknesses. Because off-the-shelf training products are generic they will not reflect your organization’s specific compliance, legal, accounting, onboarding, health, and safety regulations. Custom course development provides content specific to your business, the specific roles, and so much more.

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LMS Course Development

You have the ability to develop a custom LMS course or use a pre-built eLearning course. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Using pre-built courses is cost-effective and time-saving. But they are often generic content that is not engaging or exciting. 

By using the right mix of videos, graphics, text, and games you create engaging content that makes learning what otherwise is boring content easier to digest and learn. A combination of multimedia tools and applications is created based on the needs of your organization. Creating a custom LMS course allows you to create exactly what your business needs to handle all aspects of your training from the administration, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of courses and training programs. 

NetExam uses state-of-the-art LMS development tools for all LMS course development. We ensure that everything from the design to the content engages your trainee, tracks their performance, and does exactly what you need it to do. 

SCORM Module Development

Creating efficient online training using other people’s content can be achieved with a tool called SCORM. SCORM stands for, “Sharable Content Object Reference Model” and it enables effective, efficient online training that allows content authors to distribute content easily to Learning Management Systems from a variety of sources. This is the standard format for learning management systems.

SCORM basically tells the learning content and Learning Management Systems to communicate with each other. 

When creating SCORM content for an effective SCORM eLearning course be sure that you are hiring the right company.

What is SCORM Module?

This tool helps programmers know exactly how they should write their code and be within LMS standards SCORM. Creating SCORM content for a SCORM compliant learning management system is important to any successful eLearning course.

Similar to a DVD playing on a DVD player, SCORM content can play on a SCORM learning management system.

Exam Question Banks

What are Exam Bank Questions?

So what is a test bank questions exam? Exam bank questions are a collection of questions that you can use in your assessments for your courses. Basically, a question bank is a database of learning management system questions.


You can easily create test bank using test bank questions and answers that you use at the end of the LMS module.


Customize Your Courseware with NetExam

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Our custom eLearning course development will go beyond your needs and vision. We create courses that boost your learners’ engagement and motivation through relative, interactive, information, and fun content.

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