5 Vital LMS AI Features Reshaping the Learning Landscape

By John Leh and Himansu Karunadasa

Which AI LMS features are having the biggest impact on learning programs for customers, partners, and employees? Watch this video to find out from industry experts John Leh and Himansu Karunadasa.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This Customer Ed Nuggets content has been adapted and published with permission from the Talented Learning blog.

The hype around artificial intelligence has reached such a level that it’s impossible to overlook. Maybe it’s because we’re immersed in technology circles, but most of us can’t go half a day without encountering discussions about AI, particularly generative AI (gen AI). In fact, in over 200 product update sessions with vendors this year, almost everyone took the opportunity to talk about their AI initiatives or plans. Among these, gen AI LMS features have emerged as the center of attention.

However, generative AI is just one aspect of the larger AI landscape. Talented Learning research has identified over 25 distinct AI applications for learning systems, a list that continues to expand daily. While this breadth is exciting, covering all 25 paths in a 10-minute podcast is unrealistic

So today, let’s zoom in on generative AI. Why? Because gen AI LMS features are available now, revolutionizing customer education and offering easy adoption. Which features are going to add the most value? What can significantly slash your content creation costs and timelines? Discover all this and more in the 9th episode of the Customer Ed Nuggets podcast!

What exactly is a “Gen AI LMS”?

Before delving into specifics, let’s clarify the term “gen AI LMS.” To begin, here’s a definition of generative AI as per ChatGPT:

“Generative AI refers to an artificial intelligence system designed to create new content, such as text, images, audio, video, or other data forms. Unlike traditional AI systems based on rules or explicit programming, generative AI can produce output not explicitly programmed.” A gen AI LMS takes this idea a step further, capable of generating instructional content across various formats. Boom. Did you catch that? It’s the echo of transformative shifts in online learning.

Top 5 Features of Gen AI LMS

Reflecting on a decade since founding Talented Learning, John Leh is amazed by the rapid pace of AI advancements in learning systems. Just 24 months ago, finding a vendor with clear gen AI LMS plans, let alone actual features, seemed nearly impossible. Today, numerous customer education organizations are leveraging a range of features across 5 crucial categories:

1. Course Creation Tools: These AI authoring tools, whether standalone or integrated into an LMS, vary in complexity but all excel in creating comprehensive lessons or courses, including design, assessments, and text. Advanced options generate multi-lesson content, incorporate graphics and videos, develop study aids, rubrics, gamification elements, and more, slashing course development time by half or more.

2. Administrative Support: While not flashy, these gen AI LMS features are beloved for reducing manual data entry burdens. They assist in cataloging graphics, indexing videos, and suggesting titles, descriptions, tags, skills, and more.

3. Adaptive Learning Solutions: These web or mobile apps deliver content on a spaced-repetition basis, offering personalized and interactive experiences with games like flashcards or Jeopardy. Adaptive content can be tailored based on learner profiles, including job roles, organization, and even behavior indicators from prior purchases or support interactions.

4. Transcription and Translation: Formerly costly and time-consuming, gen AI LMS capabilities now swiftly transcribe and translate content into multiple languages, trained on organizational data for accuracy and efficiency.

5. AI Tutoring: These intelligent bots process extensive generative data to enhance customer education, offering immediate support answers, routing queries to experts, and personalizing learning experiences based on non-LMS data.

Imagine the advantage your competitors gain from these innovative features, while manual content creation slows your organization down. Embracing gen AI LMS could be the key to staying competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

The Essential Insight into Gen AI LMS Features for Customer Education

Based on our interactions with gen AI LMS providers, it’s likely that your vendor has already introduced some features or is planning to do so soon. It’s crucial to grasp the current functionality and roadmap to align your content strategy accordingly.

While the features above are actively used today, they remain cutting-edge and require time to fully mature. Stay vigilant for new generative AI features and assess their impact on your content strategy, instructional design approaches, team dynamics, schedules, expenses, content volume, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. Act swiftly, as the future is already unfolding. No rush, but the clock is ticking.

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