John Leh’s Review of the NetExam LMS

By John Leh

EDITOR’S NOTE: This product review is being republished with permission from Talented Learning.

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Hey there! It’s John Leh from Talented Learning, back with another Hot Take Review. Let’s dive into the NetExam LMS (Learning Management System). 

NetExam consistently shines in the Talented Learning Awards, thanks to its focus on extended enterprise learning. I first connected with the NetExam team a decade ago when I was starting out with Talented Learning. We bonded over our mutual dedication to customer and partner training, setting us apart in the learning technology landscape.

Focus on Customer and Channel Partner Education

NetExam has been in the game for about 20 years, amassing a diverse global network of partner, channel, and customer training, along with associations. It’s important to know what sets apart a partner-focused LMS from an employee-LMS? It’s a big distinction. Sure, both manage learners and content, but the entire use case, from enrollment to motivation to measurement, differs significantly. That’s where NetExam shines. They offer innovative tools tailored for customer service managers, dealers, retailers, or anyone handling sales distribution.

My favorite features of NetExam

Mobile Apps 

They’ve developed handy mobile apps for partner training, facilitating on-the-job checklists, ride-along certifications, and participation in sales calls. 

AI Rapid Course Creator 

Their AI-driven rapid authoring tool is a game-changer, generating questions, answers, flashcards, and more from a simple video input. You can tailor content for specific locations or distribute it widely. 


Their gamification features are top-notch, offering point systems for various activities. 

Content Integration

They also seamlessly integrate content into an organization’s proprietary learning environment, providing on-demand support.


Their reporting dashboards offer insightful analytics, not just on training completion but also on its impact on sales, certifications, renewals, and customer satisfaction.

Recommendation Engine

One of the most important features is their recommendation engine, crafting personalized training plans based on individual career goals. 


With over 100 integrations, including heavyweights like, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, NetExam covers all bases for customer and partner learning. 

Organizational Management 

NetExam boasts excellent organizational management capabilities, allowing for sub-portals with custom dashboards and content assignment. 

Video Analysis Tool

And let’s not forget their AI-powered video analysis tool, perfect for training remote sales teams. 

Major companies like Royal Canin and AT&T swear by the NetExam platform. With NetExam, there are real possibilities to elevate channel partners, customers, or association learning to the next level. 

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That wraps up this review. See you on the next one!

John Leh is the CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, an independent market analysis firm. With his role encompassing blogging and podcasting, he provides insightful coverage of the LMS and customer education market.

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