Demo of the NetExam LMS: Unlocking the Power of Customer and Partner Education

By John Leh and Himansu Karunadasa

EDITOR’S NOTE: This LMS demo is being republished with permission from Talented Learning.

 Watch this demo to see how NetExam is transforming customer education, partner training, and other external learning programs.

John Leh: Welcome to another insightful journey into the world of learning management systems (LMS) with John Leh from Talented Learning. We’re diving into the dynamic capabilities of NetExam, a robust LMS designed to revolutionize customer and channel partner training. Buckle up as we explore the key features and benefits that NetExam brings to the table.

Allow me to introduce Himansu Karunadasa, our guide for today’s demo. Himansu serves as the CTO of Media Defined, the creator of NetExam, and is located in Dallas. Alongside his team of developers, Himansu designed NetExam to specifically meet the unique requirements of customer education and channel partner training. 

Over to you, Himansu!

Himansu Karunadasa: Let’s kick things off with a focus on customer training. Imagine navigating the complex landscape of enterprise-level security software, where training is not just a necessity but a strategic advantage. Enter APEK, a fictional software giant grappling with onboarding challenges, support costs, and the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Streamlining Customer Training

APEK’s journey showcases how NetExam transforms training into a marketing tool. By leveraging the NetExam public catalog and seamless Salesforce integration, APEK orchestrates a symphony of learning experiences. From lead generation to automated onboarding and personalized certifications, NetExam empowers APEK to drive adoption, reduce support costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Empowering Channel Partners

Transitioning to partner training, we encounter Drew, a visionary at ABC Solutions, navigating a competitive market. Here, NetExam’s prowess shines with tailored partner onboarding certifications, AI sales simulation, and data-driven insights. Drew harnesses the power of NetExam to align training with revenue growth, empowering partners to excel in sales readiness and product expertise.

Unleashing Learning Impact Analysis

Behind the scenes, Regina, the director of partner and customer training at APEK, unravels the mysteries of learning impact analysis. NetExam’s robust reporting tools uncover the correlations between training completions, support costs, and revenue growth. These insights empower Regina to justify training budgets, optimize learning pathways, and elevate organizational performance.

Conclusion: Transforming Learning into Business Impact

As we conclude this immersive journey, it’s evident that NetExam transcends the traditional boundaries of an LMS. It’s not just about managing learners and content; it’s about driving tangible business outcomes. Whether it’s automating onboarding, empowering partners, or proving ROI through data-driven analysis, NetExam stands as a beacon of innovation in the learning management landscape.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your training initiatives? Dive into the world of NetExam and revolutionize how you train, empower, and succeed.

Himansu Karunadasa is the Co-Founder and CTO of MediaDefined, the makers of the NetExam LMS (Learning Management System). Himansu holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Connecticut State University. Connect with Himansu on LinkedIn

John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, is an independent market analyst, blogger and podcaster that covers the LMS and customer education market. Connect with John Leh on LinkedIn