Launching  a Channel Partner Training Program

Launching an effective and successful Channel Partner training program is possible when you follow specific steps. These steps protect your products and ensure your partners know how to offer and demonstrate them.

It is easy to overlook the importance of training your Channel Partners in the monotony of day-to-day operations. We assume our Channel Partners know what we know, which is dangerous and foolhardy. We become complacent and wrongfully ignore the value of training of all of the parties who represent us at any time.

We need to implement regular Channel Partner training to maintain our high standards and meet and exceed sales goals. Our CP are our partners in the very definition of the word; they are an extension of us to the end user. The end user identifies the company, party, or person representing that product or item; to them, that company, party, or person is the company.

In launching a training CP program, someone needs to identify the actual performance of the CP first. The true ROI measures the actual KPI of the CP. We gain stronger CPs by communicating our expectations clearly and effectively. We cannot assume they know what we want or think; we must be straightforward about those expectations.

So, our first step is clear and concise communication. What is expected and what it takes to get there must be a straight path to success. Our partners must see the positive end result they will gain. Making sure your CPs can communicate the benefits and features is imperative.

Next, we need to train our CPs to interact with customers and their positive and negative responses. It is vital to address negative reactions swiftly by first listening to the problem or complaint. Then repeat what that problem is and gain the customer’s agreement that the CP described the situation accurately. Only after the customer’s affirmative can a solution be found that will appease the customer and protect both the CP and your company.

The second thing we must place our focus on is customer retention. Customer retention is the backbone of a successful business. A ‘one and done’ customer who walks away dissatisfied in any way will not return, nor will they become an independent ‘partner’ for your company. A customer who walks away happy with the product and service will return and will act as a valued partner with referrals, and good reviews. This should always be the number one goal with purchasing customers.

Focusing on the satisfaction of your Channel Partners is the crucial next step. They need to be motivated and heard and feel like a true partner in the end goal. It’s easy to take the extra effort to ensure they are happy and proud to represent your company and products. These CPs can and will make or break your business if they do not feel valued or heard.

And the final step is to choose the right vehicle for your Channel Partner training. How you deliver the training is as essential as the training itself. Making it easy to access and do, with verifiable and immediate results, ensures your CPs are trained and ready. NetExam is a cloud-based solution with verifiable, proven results over a multitude of genres. NetExam delivers secure training and testing. Gamification for the learners is possible. Both AI and VR are available vehicles for testing and training. The NE solution is the right solution every time.