Global Course Localization

If you have an international organization it’s essential that you’re localizing your training efficiently.  In order for your company to thrive globally you’ll need a localization strategy to train your channel partners. Training is a crucial aspect of your organization’s success. The better skilled your employees are, the better your organization is.

Training across various languages and different cultures can prove to be difficult. It can be costly creating training content for multiple languages. Thankfully because of technology we have been able to make the world a little smaller and get the same message across in different languages and cultures. 

At NetExam we offer translation and localization services that allow you to record training material once and turn it into various languages, and tones while getting the same message across regardless of the differences in culture, and terminology.


What is Localization?

Localization is basically how it sounds. It’s the adaptation of content whether it’s applications, videos, images, gamification or more to meet the language and culture of a specific locale. Simply translating elearning content into another language isn’t enough to maintain the same understanding. This will affect the quality of the training and cause problems within the company.

Features of Localization Include

Localization isn’t just about translating words, or making sure the grammar is correct. You also need to change the measurements, currencies, and punctuation. Even the direction of text will need to be changed – instead of left to right it will need to be right to left for some areas. 

Some other things you’ll need to change are symbols and colors, tonality as well as the politeness level within the content. 

Content Localization Services

There are a few content translations issues that are often overlooked when creating elearning localization training programs.  One of the biggest is unintentional insensitivity distracts the core message and negatively affects the trainee’s experience and your company’s reputation.

When developing training content that will maintain the same meaning across your global workplaces you’ll need to have a strategy. This strategy must be part of the foundation in order for your learning content to be understood for the specific country. This is why our localization training programs do not include idioms, colloquialisms or use county-specific references. These things make translations difficult and time-consuming. 

If English is your native language there are plenty of sayings that other countries will not understand. Some of these sayings include things such as “a dime a dozen”, “gonna” or “break a leg”. These will be confusing and will take time away from the content trying to figure it out.

When the foundation of your training course is being built you must have the right framework to maintain the same message. This means keeping it free from anything that will alter the message – slang specific to any one country, colors and images that are offensive and others. It can be costly to have to make major changes to the content every time you have to translate it into another language.

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Elearning Localization

The best localization services will understand the cultural similarities and avoid them within the content. For example, in India the color red signifies wealth, purity, love and beauty. But, in South Africa, this color represents the mourning of violence and sacrifices made during the struggle for their independence. These things are essential to know when creating an ecourseware. It affects their potential to learn consciously and unconsciously. 

But creating elearning localization is more than language translations and more than removing cultural differences in gestures, fonts, audio narration and symbols. The tone of the course will be different depending on the country.  One area of the world such as Western countries prefer a friendly tone, while Eastern countries prefer a formal tone. It’s important that the elearning content is free from misinterpretations, and the content is relatable and relevant for the best learning experience. 

We provide more than just elearning translation services for your training courses. We make sure that your content breaks down the cultural barriers so that the content is relevant to where they are. We’ll create translation training courses online for your organization while maintaining the quality of the content regardless of what media outlet you are using and for what country it is being translated too.

Voiceover Services

Elearning voice over will get the desired attention from the trainees. By rendering your message to match their country, language and culture they are able to understand your branding and training so that your organization can grow.

Our voiceover services will customize the tone and style to get your message to the audience with the right emotion, personality, and voice to get your voice over online courses understood.

Voiceover Translation

Voice over localization translation is more than just translating the voice without the consideration of the content. 

Our voiceover services include professional voice over services that are understood by the desired location. We want to ensure that your message is being translated correctly. A voice over translation is only as good as the understanding of the culture it is being translated too.


NetExam Global Course Localization

NetExam we understand the importance of efficiently, and effectively training your employees. This is why we offer multimedia localization services that do more than just translate the language. 

Our elearning language translation services go beyond the words and ensure the message engages the trainee, uses the correct tone and keeps everyone on the same page no matter where they are in the world. Our language localization services will pay close attention to the idioms, colloquialisms and county-specific references to ensure your training is being understood and without offending anyone. 

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We do more than record training using a screen recording tool and provide a voice over in different languages. The success of your elearning requires more than this if you want to maintain the same message, avoid offending anyone and keep them engaged no matter where they are across the globe.

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