Why Channel Partner Training is different for Employee Training

The objectives of training your channel partners are very different from training your employees. You provide training for your employees for mandatory compliance programs, job duties, and for succession planning etc. The objective of training your partners is to ultimately increase the revenue you get from channel partner sales.

Your employees work for your company and you can force them to take training. That’s not the same with partner training. Your partners do not work for your company and you cannot force them to take training. You can show them the benefits of taking your training such as increased revenue/margins, partner entitlements such as MDF funds, leads etc

Your partners may represent your competitors in addition to your company. Just like you, your competitors too want these partners to take their training. So you are essentially competing for your partner’s training time. You need to be able to help them justify their training investment in your produ

So you do need to keep these in mind when you create a partner training program.

OBJECTIVETraining to carry out job duties


Succession Management
Increase Partner Revenue

Manager Pressure

Career Advancement
Increase commissions

Access to leads

MDF Funds 

Partner Tier Promotions