How to measure the impact of training for channel partners and the ROI of your channel partner training investment.

How do you know if your training for channel partners is impactful? Is it helping them sell more of your product? You can certainly survey your channel partners and see what they say. But there’s a more scientific way to go about it. 

The best way to measure the impact of your training is by comparing pre-training revenue to post-training revenue. To measure this you would need your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and learning history data in reportable data sources. Having a CRM-integrated Learning Management System can automate this process for you.  The comparison should include aggregate level data as well as partner level data. There are statistical and AI algorithms that can analyze data and determine what training courses have the largest impact on channel partner revenue. Channel partners can then be encouraged to take those courses to optimize their revenue.

One of our customers, a large computer hardware manufacturer,  found that their trained partners sell 143% more than their partners who had not gone through their training.