Legacy Migration

Do you have to reboot or restart your computers more often? Are you struggling to access information with longer loading times? Or are you having difficulty onboarding new users?

These little issues are more than just annoying.

These little and annoying IT issues are actually signs of a bigger problem. And these are just some of the issues that are an indication that you need to update your legacy applications.

This is likely something you’ve been avoiding for a long time. If you’re like most businesses you’ve been putting this off for a more than these reasons alone – maybe you don’t believe it’s urgent enough to fix or upgrade, you’re comfortable using it and don’t want to make the change, you believe that legacy migrations are complex, time-consuming projects that will be costly or you simply do not want to disrupt business.


While these are valid concerns, the truth is, migrating your legacy business application doesn’t have to be complex. There are plenty of experienced migration companies that utilize state-of-the-art tools for a smooth transition.

Modernizing your system will reduce maintenance costs, increase protection from data loss, create a reliable method of backing up your data, and a solid data recovery option. Plus so much more.

Some of the additional improvements include eliminating compatibility issues, updating technology, and improving accessibility to your information.

At NetExam, we offer a legacy data migration strategy that will simplify the process of transforming and migrating legacy systems into an updated system that offers your organization everything you didn’t know was missing.

What is Legacy Migration?

Legacy migrations are taking an old IT system and transferring it to a newer system. This includes hardware and software. Outdated systems become slower and more difficult to use so moving the platforms and applications will improve access to the information, increase the security of the data and protect your system from viruses.

Data Migration

So what is data migration and what is migration in computer terms?

It is simply the process of moving your data from one system to another system. While this is a pretty straightforward process, there are some things that you’ll need to take into consideration. Data migrations can be complex and there is a risk that some data will not successfully transfer over if not properly planned. The risk of losing data is often what prevents companies from moving forward with the migration. And because of this, there are data migration considerations that every business must take into account when creating a strategy.

When your data is properly prepared and a strategy is in place, the data migration from legacy systems to a modern database is simple. Plus updating your system will enhance the performance, accessibility, and usability of the data. 

Why a Data Migration Strategy is Important

Creating a data migration strategy is key to a successful migration of accurate data that is free of redundancies and unknowns. Preparing the data is the most time-consuming process, but essential to improving any issues that you currently have with the source data. When you do a complete audit of the data you will have a better understanding of the data quality. 

While the data migration process might seem overwhelming, having access to the right data migration tools will prove to be helpful.

Our data migration approach has proven to be successful again and again. Whether it’s legacy to cloud migration or any type of data migration our database migration techniques combine the right software and tools for the project.

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Data Migration From Legacy Systems To Modern Database

A legacy system migration will provide an understandable and structured way to  improve communication throughout your organization. Quicker access and the ability to access the data from anywhere using cloud storage is just one of the major benefits of modernizing your system. 

Our content migration is completed with efficient data migration tools including cloud to cloud migration tools that offer seamless transitions to the new system.

LMS migration can be a painful process that involves many challenges along the way from lost data to technical complexities that exceed your knowledge. NetExam will help you migrate your LMS with a simple step-by-step plan that has been helping organizations just like yours. 

Cloud Data Migration

Legacy applications can be extremely slow and these long load times are more than just frustrating; it makes learning difficult. When you migrate to the cloud you’ll increase the loading speed, and reduce the need for technical resources.

Plus, by migrating your business applications to the cloud you will have access to the data no matter where you are. Giving your channel partners access to training from wherever allows them to complete the training on their own time, and aids in better retention because they aren’t rushed.

Data Migration Tools

There is no lack of proven data migration tools available. And while having the right tools is essential to data migration, the tools alone are not enough. You’ll need to ensure that you create a plan that will allow you to manage, and execute the transfer seamlessly when upgrading files, databases, applications, operating systems, websites, storage, physical and virtual servers, networks, and data centers. 

NetExam has the right cloud data migration tools for cost-effective and efficient solutions.  When doing any type of data migration having the right strategy and tools should be your first priority.


Getting Started With NetExam LMS Migration

Are you ready to take advantage of the increased protection, have access to your data from anywhere, better protect your data and have faster loading speeds?

The best way to achieve this is by modernizing your business. 

Let NetExam show you how we can migrate your business application or software to the cloud. By choosing to hire an experienced migration company you eliminate the complications, downtime and exhausted staff that comes along with doing it on your own. 

Our seamless transition eliminates complications and transforms the way that you do business. So request a free 30 day trial and chat with one of our experts.

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