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Our team is built from industry experts with a passion
for helping businesses share knowledge and increase revenue.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Media Defined delivers applications that provide sales channels and customers with a complete learning environment.

Increase reach and revenue with a PRM-integrated Channel Partner Training and Certification program with NetExam.

The Origin of NetExam

NetExam is a mature application that has been honed to meet the needs of businesses where training and proctored certifications are essential. Formed in 1998, Media Defined, Inc. (MDI) was founded by Brett Strauss in response to a growing need for vendors to develop new and improved methods of supporting their product learning and certification initiatives. MDI specializes in the development of extended enterprise learning solutions that are flexible and cost effective, and provide a generous return on investment. NetExam has a global content delivery network with over two dozen servers in as many countries to supply fast and reliable content downloads. Being a SaaS application, there will be no hardware requirements. This product is designed to perform superbly on a global basis with an internet connection and a current web browser.

Powerful LMS Core

NetExam is a mature, well designed, comprehensive yet easy-to-use LMS. The product is template-based, which makes it easy for administrators to manage and customize. The features and design have been honed to customer specifications throughout the product lifecycle. This means that the product is designed to run the way a business, your business, would expect from a Learning Management System. The student portal is branded with your company’s identity and is fully customizable with content that you have entered into the NetExam administrative site. Learners have access to enroll in courses that you have made available to them and they can track their progress through their personal transcript page. Specific content can be targeted to students, along with recommended learning plans.

Global Stability

NetExam offers a Global delivery network available in 28 languages, with multiple servers located throughout the globe for ease of access. As a SaaS application, there will be no hardware requirements. The product is designed to perform superbly on a global basis with an internet connection and a current web browser.​

WebEx and GoToMeeting Integration

NetExam is integrated with WebEx and GoToMeeting. Use this functionality to create virtual sessions as ILT courses and online events such as partner conferences. Webinars can be completely managed via the NetExam LMS.

Meet our experienced management team

Brett Strauss

Founder and Director of Business Development

Himansu Karunadasa


Nikki Johnson

Dir. of Client Services

Carl Hlazo

Dir. of Engineering

Kelly Britson

Account Manager
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