NetExam SkyTap Integration for Channel Partner Training.

Provide SkyTap virtual lab for NetExam

Provide SkyTap virtual lab for NetExam.

User the NetExam SkyTap integration to offer Virtual Lab Based Training to your Learners. Learners are provided access to a virtual machine where they can have hands-on experience installing, configuring, and interacting with software. Learners interact with the virtual machines remotely via browser-based access making it an inexpensive and safe environment for them to practice and learn. Virtual Lab Based Training can be used to provide On Demand Training, Virtual Labs for Instructor Led Training or Testing with Virtual Labs.

Virtual Labs for On Demand Training Add Virtual Labs exercises to on-demand NetExam courses so that the learners can practice what they learned. You can make the Virtual Labs exercise a mandatory component to receive course completion. Virtual Labs for Instructor Led Training NetExam supports virtual labs of scheduled instructor-led training sessions. Instead of having to ship pre-configured workstations or ask class participants to configure their own machines, instructors can automate the scheduling of virtual labs to be created at the time the class starts. Instructors can supply or select a “template” virtual machine which will be replicated for each class participant. These virtual machines can be configured to be automatically de-commissioned after the class is over.

Testing with Virtual Labs Testing is another popular application of Virtual Labs in training. Learners are required to carry out a hands-on task on the virtual machine in a given time frame. NetExam will then save the state of the virtual machine and test if the learner has successfully completed the assigned task. The learner will be assigned a grade based on their performance.